Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Glimpses

A few glimpses from my weekend...

Morning Yoga
Hunting for some sage brush from where Sterling and I had our first kiss. 
These two handsome guys.. 
Walking around Summer Fest with Sterling. 
Finding sweet notes on my mirror. 
Big wishes.
Getting a new Chakra and an Aries bracelet. 

Weekends never seem to last long enough.
And I'm trying so hard to treat all of the days the same. 
Not save all the fun for the weekends.. 
All of the days are created equal. 
But, sometimes it's nice to enjoy a day or relaxation and the ending of a long week. 

I got a lot of painting done too. 
I painted a picture for my dad, but forgot to take photos. 
And worked on a lot of commission work. 

Oh, and I'll be announcing the winner of the giveaway soon! 

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  1. Such wonderful pictures! I love the mirror note leaving. Jen and I do that often, we've wrote on the wall (with something easily removable!), we've wrote on the mirror, left little pieces of paper with I love you's and such and for my birthday (I think... maybe Christmas) my sisters gave us a little washable white seal, with three colored markers. You write on him, and can just wash off the marker later! We love him. ^_^


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