Monday, June 17, 2013

Dark and Light

A lot of what art really is about is seeing and capturing light. 
Certain areas are dark, certain areas are light. 
A good balance of light and dark is balancing for the eyes.
A large amount of darkness adds mystery to the painting..
and a very light piece of art is very calming to the viewer. 

It really is about finding the balance between dark and light.
Sometimes it's about embracing your darker side, 
sometimes it's about feeling light and peaceful.
Sometimes it's about finding your balance.
Leaving the shadows were they should be, 
and highlighting the things that need to stand out.

Smooth transitions can make something soft, pretty and calm,
and jagged transitions and shapes can give off an intense feeling.

I did both of these pieces around the same time. 
As one would dry, I would work on the other.
They were finished roughly around the same time,
and worked on very close.

I love how they are completely different from each other.
One has an intense dark feel,
the other feels beautiful and peaceful.

It was nice to switch back and forth between the two pieces of art. 

This top one is for sale.
It's an original on paper.

Details about it are in the listing. 

And this one is a commission piece.
I may be selling prints of this one soon. 
We will see.


  1. I *love* the forest piece! You've captured the light/dark play so well!

    1. Thanks! I'm impressed with it.. You never really know how paintings like that will turn out.. hah

  2. I love the forest piece so much! You know, I started college as a Studio Art major headed towards animation. Since I changed to Psychology, I literally haven't spent two hours doing art. And I miss it like crazy. You're inspiring me to pick my pencils back up and rewet those watercolors.

    1. Thank you! AND I'm so glad! Keep doing art!!


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