Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday Threads - Learning Self Love

I was very excited when I got these pants. 
I loved the bright colors and the complimenting colors and shapes. 
My first thought was YOGA.
These would be perfect for yoga in my new temple room. 

For the photos I decided to wear what I would normally do yoga in..  
It's a bit nerve-wracking to show skin in photos.
And about every summer I face this fear.. 
It's swimsuit season, 
and I'm working on learning to love my body. 
I'm not saying I'm fat, and I'm not looking for compliments...
but I've got body issues like a lot of women out there.
I've got issues with my small chest, and my ribs.. 
I'm even nervous about the scars all over my body.

Each summer the clothes become a little less for everyone, and I think the self confidence does too. 
So, I'm facing my fears and learning to accept myself. 

 And if you aren't one for yoga, 
these pants look pretty amazing with some heeled boots and a leather jacket. 
And a real shirt of course. 

 Printed Leggings - Nowistyle
Black shirt - forever21
Heeled boots - Forever Young


  1. love the pants! and i hear you. i was just having a chat with a friend via instagram about this. i too have body issues and i feel so awkward in a bathing suit, or top that show my tummy. something i want to rid and be carefree about. thanks for sharing your courage! btw, i wish i had smaller boobs! funny what we dont like about ourselves... xo

    1. Yeah! It's so sad.. and I go each day thinking "i love myself. i love my body" You know... saying affirmations, then when it comes down to it, I still struggle. I'm sure it will take some time, affirmations and positive thinking doesn't always work over night... Thanks for the comment Laura! You are beautiful and shouldn't feel awkward. :)

  2. You look great! Those pants are MADE for you. I can empathize with the body issues. I've always had a little bit of a poochy tummy. I can weigh 100lbs and I will STILL have a belly. I'm trying to convince myself it's my "goddess belly" and go on with life. lol If only that always worked! Honestly, Rachael, your soul shines so brightly through this blog that no matter what, you ARE beautiful. <3

    1. goddess belly! I LOVE that! I think it will work.. Affirmations take a little while to start "working" but changing the way we think really can help!

  3. LOVE those pants! They remind me of what I used to wear when I danced. And you look fantastic! Legs for days! I never really had body issues until I had my daughter, and I grew hips and boobs and suddenly clothes looked and fit very differently on me. I was really self conscious until one day when my little sister told me she didn't want to have kids because she didn't want to get stretch marks and have her husband think she was ugly. My husband sat down with her and told her that he thinks my body is more beautiful now, stretch marks, wide hips, jiggly tummy and all, more than he ever did when I was 115lbs and in the best shape of my life, because my body had created a miracle, and he told her that any boy who ever thought her body was "ruined" after she had a baby didn't understand what true beauty was. He didn't see me in the room and didn't know I had heard the whole conversation. It made me cry! Ever since then, I may still get a little sad and frustrated that I will never get to wear that summer bikini again, but I just have to remember that I have someone who truly appreciates my body and what it can do! (And I'm just like the first commenter, I sometimes wish I had smaller boobs! Clothes just fit better without these balloons in the way haha!)

    1. Wellllll... thanks for making me tear up Brooke. Seriously. This was so heart touching. Sterling has said similar things to me about if we ever have kids.. it's just scary in a world that is so materialistic and focused on the "perfect body"

  4. You look absolutely gorgeous, lovely!!! I love the pants, too! My body goal is one much like your own. Slim, yet healthy and plenty of strength!

    1. Thanks Angie. :) YES I need to get strength. I'm all skin and bones.

  5. OMG those pants are amazing!! Awesome photographs as well!

    Hope you're having a Fierce & Fabulous Friday!

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  6. You're beautiful. Really, really beautiful


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