Sunday, June 2, 2013


This is an incredibly picture heavy post.. 
You have been warned. 

My house is complete. 
Cleaned through and through. 
Scrubbed from top to bottom.
Rearranged, and made new. 
And Blessed. 

I've decided to make the living room into my art studio,
and the extra bedroom into a temple room/sanctuary.

Since, my art is my life.. It belongs in the main living room.

We brought out the rubber gloves, and removed everything from the fridge.
Wiped things down and threw away a lot of very questionable items.

We dusted, vacuumed and washed. 
Here are a few... ok... LOTS of photos of my home. 

And here are photos of the new temple room... 
I'm so in love. 

Wicket seems to be liking the more empty house. 
And so do I.

This weekend has been a process. 
A process of letting go. 
I've felt a lot of negative energy flying my way.
Negative words and messages have been filling my inboxes and I'm unsure why.
Just a lot of miscommunications and hate.

It's all part of the process in starting something new... 
You weed out the bad things and people in your life..
You shake off the dirt and throw them away..
and then it's time to plant the flowers. 


  1. you have a beautiful home! we are in the process of cleansing our home as well. Much longer process with two children. Are there any books you would recommend that have good home cleansing rituals in them?

    1. Thanks! I learned how to bless and cleanse the house when I was working for a paranormal investigating company living out in California. I had a mentor who was a Native American Shaman. He taught me how to do it, but I'm sure there are books and articles about doing it. There really isn't any right or wrong way.. a lot of it has to do with intention.

  2. Hi there. I love your pillow corner! In fact you inspired me to jump up and take some photos of my house too. I'm not very domestic, but you inspired me to make more of an effort. I linked the post back to you so people could see how cool your place is.

    1. Thanks! I checked out your blog, I love it! I think I commented the moment I saw. :) Lovely place!

  3. Wow, everything looks beautiful. I especially love your sanctuary and wish I had room for one. Peace is even oozing from the photos!

    1. Thanks Rachel! It's a lot of fun to have.. it's really bare right now, but I kind of like it like that! So simple!

  4. Wow you have some beautiful pieces in your home. You manage to make the skulls just seem awesome as heck without it looking creepy. I really love the style you went for! (:

    1. Thanks Jen! I'm glad you think so!! I have a lot of skulls and bones in my house and I don't want it to look toooo creepy and morbid. I just find them so beautiful! I think with the right bits and pieces they can look very balanced. :)


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