Friday, May 31, 2013

Home Improvement

 After all that yard work... My lovely little home is looking very lovely! 

There has been a lot of improvements going on in and around my home. 
Negative energy is literally packing up and leaving 
and I can feel my home wanting to be cleansed and reborn. 

Before I can spiritually clean and cleanse my home I must first clean it up physically.
It's time to get rid of the junk, the trash and the old things 
that no longer suit my needs or where I'm at in life. 

Spiritual unrest usually follows clutter and disorganization. 

So, this weekend my house will be getting a very deep clean. 
Furniture will be reorganized. The new things will be brought out.
The old will be put away, donated, or thrown out. 

Once the house is sparkly clean, organized and feeling new again..
It's time to cleanse it spiritually. 

I plan on unplugging all electronics, making a mixture of sacred water,
 and burning lots of white candles, sage, incense and saying some blessings. 

Sterling and I might take a quick trip to one of our favorite holistic stores for some tapestries.

I can't wait to show you the "new" house. 
I plan on making things feel and look like new again.
I've got a few pictures of the progress snapped with my phone.
You'll get some good ones soon! 
 New kitchen table, and table decor. All found at the thrift store! 
 My lovely backyard.. 
You all know I have a thing for cemeteries.. 
And gnomes.. 

My new entertainment center.
We found this little shelf and painted it black to match the rest of my furniture. 

I can't get started on any of the cleaning or organizing 
until everything that isn't mine is packed up and moved out. 
My old roommate is moving everything of hers out today and tonight..
So, until then... 
I paint! 


  1. You have a lovely home, I especially love your thrift store table decoration! I was at our local thrift store today and found another lovely teacup :)

    1. Thanks Tatjana! Your teacup collection is magnificent!

  2. very cool:) love your entertainment center, black works wonder for furniture:)

    1. YES! It looks SO nice now!! We didn't do too good of a job painting it... but it looks fine in the house!

  3. Your house is just too cute! I know what you mean about new things and old things. I tend to put away half of my belongings when Winter turns to Spring. I bring them back out in the Fall and switch. Things always stay fresh that way. Spaces just get stagnant, and they need a little TLC.

    1. That's what I do! I like to recycle the looks and style inside my house. I always change up the wreaths on the door depending on the month and season. :)

  4. So glad that negative energy is literally packing up and moving out. Unbelievable.

  5. LOVE THIS!!! You rock. ^_^ I love your taste and I love how you see cleansing, both psychically and spiritually because it's so true!

    1. Thanks Angie! There has been a big difference in the mood and spirit of the house. I'm loving it.


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