Monday, April 29, 2013

Little Things

It's scary how little something can be that triggers depression.. It's been a rough month, and a really rough week. I'm not sure how much I have to say right now. I'll be back soon..


  1. We all have those days<3

    Keep your head high and hug Wicket! :)

  2. Wishing you peace, love & so much joy Rachael! I have been severely depressed several times, with lower cycles as well. Those dark times are scary & we feel so alone don't we, which just does not help at all. Remember to not beat yourself up, you didn't do anything wrong, love yourself always, and allow those who love you in every single day, even when you most don't feel like it. Cuddle & kiss Wicket & Sterling, go outside every sunny day, just sit & let the beams of light help heal you, keep your best crystals on you at all times, caress them if you feel the need.
    And when you seriously need to be alone because you just have to be, give yourself that time, but limit it. Never give in or up. <3 to you always!

  3. depression sucks!!! thats for sure. i also suffer and have for 15+ years. take naps, rest, try to get out of the house, read, just do things that are relaxing. but most important- keep your head up. and that is the hardest part! its a constant struggle to keep the negative energy out and pour positive energy in. it will get better!!!

  4. sending cyberhugs your way x


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