Thursday, April 11, 2013

Focusing Intent

Focusing intentions is creating change.
Last night was the new moon. Which is a special time. Sterling and I believe that the moon phases hold special meaning, and a new moon is a time for new beginnings and making and focusing goals.

I've had specific goals in mind, and I think about them often.. But that is only part of creating change. Focusing our intent and releasing the intention sends the energy out into the universe. Saying something out loud, or writing it down are more effective then just occasionally thinking about our goals. If you don't release it, you will constantly be pulling back the energy you are sending out and it will never manifest. All energy returns to it's original source, but when the energy from a fully released intent, it comes back stronger.

Last night we did our new moon ceremony and fully released our intentions. We said them out loud, wrote them and burned the paper into smoke.
We both had personal intents and goals that we released. I snapped some pictures of our ceremony to share with you all as well as a few new sketches.


  1. Have you seen "The Secret?" You would love it and I swear it works. My current phase of life is a direct result.

  2. <3 Absolutely lovely. May all of your goals come true!


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