Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Well, I think it's ready for this announcement. 
I've got all of my art listed, and I think I've worked out all of the little bugs.
I'm pretty excited! 

All of my artwork can now be seen and purchased here
I'm no longer just selling on Etsy, and I'm actually pretty excited! 
This website accepts paypal, and credit card. 

I haven't announced it to anyone yet.. so you guys are the first to know! 
I'm pretty excited, and a little unsure about it, but that's kind of the fun of life huh? 
If you could do me a favor and click around.. see if there are any typos or bad links..
I'm curious to know what I missed.
And if you've been looking to purchase something of mine, now would be an awesome time! 
I would love to see how the sales stuff works on this new website. 
But, yes! I'm very excited!! 

I've also been working on getting my illustrations edited and into my computer for the big upload.
I've had to scan them in, resize them, edit little details and fix quite a few things.. 
It's been tough work.

This book illustrating thing has been hard
It's definitely something I want to do again though.
(And I'm so happy I signed up for the whole series!!)
I know what to expect now, and can get things done with more ease..
but it's still a lot of hard work. 

I was thinking today during one of my calm moments,
I was thinking about how happy I am with the things I've been doing lately.
My accomplishments.

I tend to beat myself up a lot... 
Like when I miss a deadline for a gallery show I'd like to try for.
Or I don't get time to stay in the studio all day.
Or when I don't do any artwork the entire day..
Thinks like that..

But today, I took a bit of time to think about my accomplishments.
And I'm pretty proud of myself. 
I'm doing the best I can with what I have..
and for once I feel proud of myself. 

It was a strange sensation to have.
I normally shy away from feeling good about myself. 

But it was actually very inspiring. 
It made me feel good and happy.

So naturally, I'll be doing that again. 


  1. You deserve to be happy, and I hope you can embrace the feeling every day.
    I'm very excited for you and I think it's special in a good way how you relate to nature and fantasy.

    1. Thank you so much Betty! This made me smile. Real big. :)

  2. Great site Rachael! Yeah, it's tons of work, but it looks good....check your twitter and facebook links tho, they're linking to the jpg right now.

    1. Oh! Thanks so much!! I'll get on that. :)

  3. waaa congrats



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