Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday Threads - Like A Glove

Dress - eShakti 
Boots - Steve Madden

I'm going to have to brag a bit on this dress. It fits me like a glove.
I've never really had that.
Not that I'm funny shaped, I'm just kind of boney.
So, when I get dresses I normally know I'll have to belt them,
 or wear layers or sew them up to fit better.

This one fits me exactly. 

eShakti has some fabulous dresses and they are completely customizable!
You put in your exact measurements.. and you can also choose dress type, sleeve type, and much more!
So many wonderful things to choose from! 

There is a coupon code just for my readers! 
Enter the code TLK2THETRE32 for $25.00 gift card! Valid through March 30th


  1. Adorable!! Also, thank you for the code :)

    1. Darn! I just tried entering the code, but it didn't work :( Am I doing it wrong?

    2. Uh oh! Try this one? TLK2THETRE32 I messed it up! Ack. Sorry!

  2. Hm I tried but that one doesn't seem to work either. Maybe it doesn't apply to the skirt I chose :( Thanks anyway! :)

  3. you just keep getting better in my eyes

  4. GORGEOUS!!! I have a dress from eShakti, however I think I went a little over on my measurements and the dress is too big - or I've lost a few inches here and there. Than, I got a shirt without custom measurements and it's perfect!!!

    I love love love how you paired everything. <3

  5. That is a gorgeous dress. Which one did you get? I can't tell which it is.
    You have a great sense of style!


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