Monday, March 4, 2013

Giveaway With Carol Thompson - Enter to win a book AND a camera!

We've got a great giveaway for you guys! 
And when I say we, I mostly mean Carol Thompson.

Carol Thompson is an independent author and just released her first book!

She came to me about hosting a giveaway for her book, and I loved the idea. 
Just as I was getting the giveaway planned, she decided to throw in a camera too! 

This giveaway includes a copy of Carol Thompson's Book,
 and a beautiful powder blue Holga Camera! 

A Bit about the Author: 

I am a veteran news reporter and I've won many awards for investigative reporting, 
as well as column writing and human interest features.
I love to draw and paint when I have time, take long walks and read. I'm partial to daydreaming and I've become very successful at it. I'm technology illiterate and only learned to Skype the other day.
I discovered Rachael's blog by accident one day while searching for something else and have been a fan of her art ever since. I own several of her works and I admire her talent.
My novel is my first and I hope whoever wins it will enjoy reading it! I bought the Holga camera with the intention of becoming a great photographer.
 It's been on the shelf ever since the UPS delivery dude dropped it off.
I live in Central New York where we measure snow in feet, not inches, and the summer sunsets are second only to Japan.
There's not much more to say about me other than I don't share chocolate.

Add her as a friend, or follow her on facebook if you'd like. 

About The Book:

Genevive Pearce is eight years old when she moves from Macon, Georgia to Elm Grove, New York. Coping with the death of her brother and yearning to return to her southern roots, Genevive does her best to settle into her new surroundings. She befriends Marty, a neighborhood boy with a vivid imagination and a penchant for adventure. When tragedy strikes her friend, Genevive is innocently caught between the political wrangling of two prominent families, and is forced to testify against the son of the most powerful man in Elm Grove. As Marty lies in a hospital bed fighting for his life, Genevive will give compelling testimony that will prove the truth can indeed set you free.

  • Awesome giveaway right?! 
    I'm using Rafflecopter again since it was so nice last time

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  1. I'd love to win now that I have 3 grandchildren that I can read to. What an amazing cover.

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