Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Be Thankful, Improve Your Life

Just this week I woke up at 3:30 from Wicket who was thirsty and just wouldn't go back to bed. I checked my bank account and was astonished at the low number. I was tired and didn't get much sleep, but in the morning I had to get in my car with the near empty gas tank to go to work. I'm back at the school for a bit while I'm as broke as I am. I'm sad I don't get time to do art as much, and I'm stressed about how fast life is going. That day was off to a rough and sad start. 
But, how cute was Wicket lapping up his water at 3:30 am? How adorable is he when he snuggles and kisses me all night? 
How lucky am I to live in a warm home with the things that I need? With the knowledge that my bank account will be full again. 
How lucky am I to have a car that drives both forward and back? A car that's warm and gets me where I need to be. 
How lucky am I to have a part time job that fuels my creativity? It creates that urge to be creative every free moment. 

Everyone deals with bad news and misfortune.
It is time to shift our thinking and it's time to start celebrating even our small fortunes. 

“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” ~Cynthia Ozick

A growing number of medical scientists are looking at how a positive lifestyle can lead to better physical health and well-being. 

Much of the research focuses on what gratitude can do for us. Of course focusing on the good things in life will make us happier overall. It gives us an optimistic view on life. 

But, the Law of Attraction says that we receive what we pay most attention to. So, focusing on the things we have will just bring more of it to us. When we are thankful or grateful we are generating feelings of joy and bliss in the body that attracts  more of whatever we are focusing on.

Many people do not understand the Law of Attraction, or the Law of Oneness because they thing there is an external power controlling them.. But, we are the most powerful beings. We create our reality with our thoughts, feelings and words. We are so powerful that our world forms around us by what is inside of us.

If we are positive, we attract positive events and places. When we are angry we attract negative events and surroundings. Many people don't realize how powerful they are, so they don't both changing their circumstances. So, they complain and get sucked into more unwanted circumstances.


  1. I LOVE WHEN DOGS SLURP WATER. Literally, it's the cutest. I love watching my dog eat her dog food, too.



  2. <3 Gorgeous post, friend and I agree so very much. Growing up, my mom taught me "positive brings positive, negative brings negative." I get in a slump, and I often deal with that by taking time to relax, recharge and I talk about how I feel. Than I pick myself up, and move forward. <3

  3. There you go, friend! Turn it around!!! And remember, 'What you are seeking is also seeking you.' <3


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