Saturday, March 23, 2013


 My older sister is having a baby, and today we had a little baby shower for her. 
For decoration we hung up the clothing that she had made for him, and my little banner. 

It was lots of fun and Kate got lots of cute stuff for her baby.
One of her gifts was a cute photo album of her when she was a teenager. 
I thought this was a cute picture.. we look like babies! 
This is us trying to look pretty for prom.
Kate is in the beautiful gold dress, and I'm in the plaid one with the gloves and flip flops. 
I'm also carrying a top hat.
I thought I was cool back in 2004. 

And speaking of babies.. 
This little guy crawled onto my lap! 
I was terrified. I'm not too good with babies.
I think he thought my hair was candy. 

I guess I'll have to get used to babies a bit since I'm soon to be an aunt! 


  1. First, I thought you were the one in the gold dress. Second, I had you pegged as an only child, for some reason! lol.
    These are great! Congratulations, auntie!

    (I have two kids, and two step-kids, and babies still terrify me. 'Tis okay!)

  2. Awwww!!! Congrats!!! I wish one of my sisters would have a baby. xP

  3. i thought you had on the gold- beauty and the beast- dress!!! lol


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