Monday, February 25, 2013

True Freedom

Years and years of cultural conditioning has told us the terrible belief: Happiness must be "earned." And it can really only be "earned" by enduring unpleasantness. The term endure is even an unpleasant one.

Suffer patiently.
So, our happiness is earned after we suffer unpleasantness. It's earned after we suffer through a lot of work, pain and unhappiness.

But, how do you know if you've endured enough unpleasantness to finally deserve your happiness?
Do we really have to endure to the end? Suffer patiently until the end of our lives?

Another sad part of this enduring game is that we must be "responsible adults." And responsible adults can never really endure enough unpleasantness to really deserve happiness. Maybe when we retire we can finally get our long awaited reward of happiness. Maybe.

But, then put on top of us needing to "earn" our happiness, the idea of buying happiness is laid on top.

Ever tricked someone by making caramel apples and hiding a caramel onion in the batch?
This is the same thing...
This is the equivalent to the caramelized onion.

If you spend enough money to give you the illusion and conditions for happiness, you start to taste the onion in the form of worry, guilt and needing to work even more.

And we all know that worrying is the easiest and most popular way to frighten away happiness. So, we never stop working, we never stop spending money, we never stop worrying and we are never really happy.
Perfect conditions for a slave economy. 

Happiness is a fleeting little bird that keeps flying just out of reach.
It's the light at the end of a dark never ending tunnel.

It's the thought that, "When I have ______, then I will be happy."

But the truth is, 
there is no real way to happiness. 
Happiness is the experience in living fully and in the moment. 
Making the most of what we have now. 
Making our current situation beautiful.
Exploring all that this moment has to offer. 
Happiness is the journey, not the destination. 

So set yourselves free. 
Decide to be happy in this moment and experience true freedom. 


  1. I think so too. Happiness isn't something that tends to stick around for a long time. But if you just stay in the moment it might come along a bit more often:) And as cliched as it may be, it really often is in the little things.

  2. oops, Sterling is Wicketing and driving? Tsk tsk. Seriously, you covered a relevant topic to me this particular day. We are nearing retirement and we think our happiness lies in Panama or Ecuador. Anywhere but here as so to speak. Time will tell. It's a goal anyway.

  3. Hmm. I don't think happiness can be earned or that it comes from suffering. It comes when finding true peace in the knowledge of Christ and what he's done for us. When we turn our eyes to HIM, that is when we experience true happiness. He gives us peace and joy even in the MIDST of trials.

    1. I don't think happiness can be earned at all. This post is saying that it SHOULDN'T be like that at all. Maybe you misread this post.

  4. Thanks for this post. It reminded me to appreciate all the good experiences in my life and be happy that they were, even if they aren't anymore :)

  5. tis true true true. but the brain just said, happiness can be earned in a way.....good choices. bad choices do not often lead to happiness. but good ones help to create a life where happiness is more often found, even while doing the dishes on a sunny winter day.

    i have also found happiness in a pair of really kick ass boots!! loving those boots.

    cool blog btw


  6. Hey! Right before I read this post I saw a picture with a quote that goes along with what you are saying (which I agree with). "Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling". - Margaret Lee Runbeck. I even did made a blog out of it. A very short one, with not much to say, but still, if you would like to see the picture... (also, the picture reminded me a lot of you). :) Have a nice day.


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