Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Winter Weather Advisory

I have been battling a migraine all week. The stem of which is a bad back.
 Which was caused by digging my car out of the snow at midnight so I could drive home. 
The snow was too my knees! 
Utah has been hit with some pretty crazy weather this winter...

We had two days of freezing rain, which turned my town into a skating rink.
In which I learned about hydroplaning. 

Then we had a few days of fog.
In which I learned about high beams not being the best option.

Then we have had just tons and tons of snow.
And I'm learning all about hibernation. 

Oh the lessons to be learned in the every day. 

I am a girl of summer. I love to walk with bare feet and flowy skirts. 
I love to hike and climb the trees.
I love to feel the sun on my face...

This winter weather is driving me crazy! 
Wicket too... he is lucky to be born with a fabulous coat though.

My winter coat makes me look like a Sith Lord.. 

This Sith Lord is lucky to have someone who shovels her walk for her,
 while she sits with a heating pad and blogs. 
The Force is strong in this one. 
We are keeping him around. 


  1. OH MY GOD, you are adorable. <3 Star Wars should be a part of every blog post. <3333 Also, Wicket is FIERCE. Love him!!!

    This weather has been amazing. Cold, but amazing! I actually don't mind cold weather but all of the fog has been killing my sinuses, boo! This morning was clear, but by the time we got into the car for an appointment a blizzard had started!!!

  2. Love the photos of wicket. What a qt


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