Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How We Met - A Post By HIM

Guys, this is kind of a special post... This is a guest post by Sterling. The boy I'm in love with. I told him I wanted to a little post to update my readers on our relationship.. since I've been a bit vague. We kind of have different stories on how we met, so I asked him to write up a quick little post on how we met.. this is what he wrote, and I couldn't be more.. well speechless. 

She was online friends with my sister who's a painter in Salt lake city, and curiosity got the best of me when I saw her picture show up and "People you may know" on Facebook. As soon as I found her blog I knew I was in love! Why? The advice she gave during rough times and the hopes and inspirations she had, I've only seen in very few people. It's one thing help someone else keep their head above water and it's a completely different ball game to be able to keep yourself floating when there's nothing else to grab on to. I could see her strengths and see the power she had in herself and knew that she was one of a kind.
I remember grabbing my laptop and showing her blog to my friend within seconds of finding her. The first thing he says "She's a pixie! A total fairy from the woods trying to live in this world…" and I knew he couldn't have been more right. Immediately I emailed her link to my dad and told him the same thing…"I'm in love!"

How creepy it may sound - I was in love with her before she even knew I existed.

I sent her an email asking if she knew anything about Astral Projection. Talk about a pick up line right? What do you tell to the girl who's heard it all? I've practiced this type of "dream walking meditation" for over three years and she seemed like the type of person that was into it. Plus it would help me understand how out of the box she really is. Some people dream but very few are dreamers.

Next was to see if I could get the princess of the woods to have a cup of coffee with me. All I needed was the one chance to throw myself onto the sacrificial alter of love and see if she'd take it or not…

I remember telling the friends I was staying with at the time, "You know that girl that you always wanted to ask out but never had the courage to actually do it? The one that everyone says 'got away'? Ya I'm going for it.". They laughed and wished me luck but little did they know that I was absolutely serious. There's something about this girl that I recognized and I had to see her in person to see if it was real. All I needed was to look her in the eye and see if she knew me.

When I watched her walk up and for the first time in years, I felt my heart skip. I'm suppose to be the guy that never feels nervous and can talk to anyone! I've met all kinds of celebrities while living in Hollywood and never felt anything different. They were all just people to me, just another human but Treetalker walks up with her ginormous eyes and all of a sudden I'm a deer in head lights. My mind starts racing "Play it cool Ster, play it cool, remember to breathe and blink…". She floats up to me and gives me a hug and we go inside and I remember that gravity exists again.

I figured I had around fifteen minutes to impress her but we ended up talking for almost two and half hours. She gave me a ride back to my friends place and as I got up to leave she gave me a hug. As I pulled back from the hug we made eye contact and I almost kissed her. Right then and there on a first date I ALMOST kissed her and the funny thing was that I could see it in her that she was just about to as well. I got out of the car, waited for her to drive out of sight and immediately started jumping up and down. I half expected myself to freeze in mid air with my fist up like a Japanese Anime Character but no - the natural laws of the universe still applied to me since she was not in my presence anymore…

I've never met anyone who not only see's the world like I do but lives it. She's been incredible to me and I can only hope to be able to keep her on her toes as much as she's been able to keep me on mine. She's the best of all worlds and has an incredible spectrum of light and dark in her that most people can't even comprehend. There's only so many people that cry when birds fly and can laugh when the sun dances.

Every day has been the first and last day of our lives and I'm thinking that as long as we live this way, we will be able to stay in love.

And there you have it.
I had no idea he knew who I was, I had no idea he read my blog.
I just knew he was brothers with an artist friend..
And I knew he was handsome and into the same weird stuff I am.
How often do you find boys who know about crystals and astral traveling? 
Especially ones who are so cute.

I'm a lucky girl. 


  1. SUPER cute post. I love hearing stories from both sides. So happy for you two. (&So glad to call you my friend!)

    Much love,


  3. Aww, such a lovely post... you are one lucky lady :)

  4. So beautiful. This post made a great start to my day. Wishing you guys so much happiness

  5. What a sweet post! I'm so happy for you two. Being in love beats everything else.

  6. That is lovely. I am wishing good things for you two... for a very long time.

  7. GOOSEBUMPS!!!! Sterling, this was an awesome read! Thank you! I'm so happy you two found each other! Rachael, this guys is a keeper.. he SEES you. <3

  8. Well that is anything but vague! Looks like blogging has been beneficial for you in more ways than one :)

  9. Well shit, that was freaking ADORABLE!!

  10. What a lovely post!!! You two hold onto each other!

  11. dyyyyiiing. im dying. cutest thing I've ever read. yay for you two! love it.

  12. This was such a great story! His words almost made me cry!! I'm so happy for you! I love reading your blog and glad you shared such a lovely story. Lucky in love!!!

  13. So

    Your new boyfriend made me cry.

    Absolutely adore him, officially. He should post more often!

  14. The perfect love story. what a wonderful tribute to your love. Wishing you continued happiness. Hugs P.S. I sent an ad in for my shop :-)

  15. I've been out all day and I've been dying to read it ever since you posted the link on Twitter! Such a gorgeous post, I've only been following your Blog for a year or 2, but it's SO good to see you so happy! And maybe it's just me, but he looks a little like Matthew Gray Gubler (Spencer from Criminal Minds) ;) Wishing you both ALL the happiness in the world!!

  16. This is sweet. Its always nice when you find someone who shares the same kind of soul as you. :)

  17. You are both so lucky to have one another in your lives. I wonder if my dude would be brave enough to tell almost 3,000 humans how he grew to love me. Hehe! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  18. All the happiness to you guys. The nicest piece I have ever read for a long time. Always have faith in eachother. Cheers!

  19. I'm speechless as well. It's absolutely wonderful and awesome to know that you're such a lucky girl and happy and loved. Thanks for sharing your story!


    a silent reader

  20. Rach! Look at all these people dying over you and Sterling!
    Remember our trip up to SLC and Dancing Cranes? And then you were like, I'm going to hang out with Sterling over at his sister's house. And I was like EEEEHH GOOD LUCK.

    Haha it seems weird. and so long ago. I miss you!

  21. I loved the part about your ginormous eyes :) And where he said he though he would freeze in mid-air. This boy can seriously write. He made me go awwww so many times. When is he starting his own blog?


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