Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday Threads - Winter Colors

The Earth around this area is wrapped in layers of ice and snow,
and it's time for me to start dressing layers.
My favorite part of winter and fall!
Tights, cardigans and leg warmers.

I've always loved the moon.
So, when I saw these from Love Erica, I fell in love.
I had them make me a pendant of a moon face.
I'll take better photos of it soon. 
It's amazing.

I must say, I'm a fan of mixing red and green together.
A lot of people are afraid of this color combination because it's very Christmas like.
But, with the right shades of red and green I think it looks very woodland like. 

Red Hat - Self Made
Brown Cardigan - Forever 21
 Lace Dress - Marshalls 
Red Tights - Forever 21
Green Coat - Forever 21
Moon pendant - LoveErica


  1. Yiu have white/greyinsh hair! Oooh, no! I've missed so much! Love that new (is it?) looK!

  2. Love the coat! Your hair is amazing as always!

  3. I love your new blog design... ;) Love your hair, the dress, and the red hat. Lookin' good YOU xo

  4. You are beautiful. I love the way you fit that kind of hair cut. I am guessing that I won't look good with that though. I love your last photo.

  5. what a pretty coat! i was wondering, is it wool? i'm allergic to wool, so it's hard finding a pretty, non-wool coat.

  6. Loving the hair color. The outfit is great too.


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