Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Big Little Brother

From my window I see stars
 They swing low against the road 
 I'll smile at you 
Because we've tried
 And finally left our home..
My "little" brother is leaving for a mission today.
He is going on a mission for the LDS church and was called to the New York, New York area. 
He will be gone for 2 years and I'm gonna miss him so much! 
I'm happy for him and very proud of him. 
Last night was my last night with him for a while. 
I kept asking for pictures with him.
Then when it came time to say goodbye I held him like I couldn't let go. 
Because I seriously couldn't. My arms stopped working.
I started crying and he laughed and I hugged him tighter until he started crying too.
Then he pinky promised he would write. 

Joseph and I have been best buds since he was born. 
Most siblings fight and argue. Joe and I never did.
And I honestly think we never will. 

Best buds forever, who write letters until he comes back.
Or else I'm flying to New York to break some pinkies. 

Good luck Joe!

From my window I see signs
They lean, longing for the road  
I'll smile at you  
Because you're my very favorite brother

Oh, the going
It was much too slow  
And we thought we never would arrive  
Oh, but somehow life picked up the pace  
Ran faster than the time  
And we somehow survived.

(Lyrics posted here are from the song Daniel's Song by the Finches)   


  1. NY NY North or South? We live in CT and are in the NY NY North mission boundaries!

  2. oh he'll love it! such an amazing place to be. we have a bunch of friends back there that will look out for him :)

  3. North or South? I served in the North mission in Manhattan. I loved it. North or South, he'll do great.

  4. He is going to the south mission. He is excited!


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