Friday, November 2, 2012

Dia De Los Muertos

Happy Day of the Dead. 
I know this is a traditional Mexican Holiday.. But I'm celebrating it anyways.
It is a holiday where you honor and remember your loved ones that have passed onto the next realm.
Of course loved ones living and dead should be celebrated daily..
It's nice to have a day just for them. 

Celebrate the ones who have passed on..
Make their favorite dinner. 
Talk to them.
Sing to them. 
Invite them into your lives. 
Say their name out loud.
 Feel their presence with you.

I stayed up last night and finished this painting.
In honor of Dia De Lost Muertos.

This painting is titled "Only The Beginning." 
It's 11x14 mixed media on Canvas.
It IS for sale. 
The other one will be for sale too.

I'll be posting it for sale tomorrow.
If you want it reserved, email me!


  1. Happy Day of The Dead! Great Piece :D

  2. I love it! Happy day of the dead! Btw You watch Doctor Who? I love Doctor Who!!!! It is quite fitting - Hurricane Sandy- 'Hey who turned out the lights?'tehe I was saying that as that as the power went out! But I mostly had only strong gusts. so the power is out but i have taken cover in a friends home! They have power!
    Your Friend,


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