Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tips on Uncovering Your Natural Spirituality

Everyone is born with a natural spirituality.
It often gets masked or hidden from us. 
This is when we feel "lost" in life.
We look for a new direction in life, when we are actually just craving the old connection we once had.

Everyone's spiritual beliefs will be different, and I don't believe in forcing those beliefs on anyone else. 
Though the beliefs are different, there are ways to uncover and rediscover your own.
Even though our beliefs are different the steps are often the same.

Here are some of my tips on uncovering your natural spirituality.
  1. Live in gratitude.  Focusing on what you have and appreciate can help you feel more spiritually connected. Focusing on the good things in your life will help attract even more good into your life.And when you are feeling good, you are more open to spiritual wonders and happenings.
  2. Get quiet. Close your eyes, meditate or pray. Still your mind from the every day life. Stop the constant busy thoughts that occupy your brain, and slow down your foot steps.
  3. Let nature awe you.  It's hard to not feel spiritually connected when you are admiring this vastness of this planet's beauty. It's also hard to not be quiet and reserved. It's hard to not be grateful while you are sitting in nature.
  4. Make time. This one goes along with getting quiet. It's hard to feel the presence of a higher power when you are rushing through your day. Add some quiet time to your to do list. Add some time to slow down. Be open. And Listen.
  5. Have an open mind. If you are feeling bored at your church, maybe try exploring a different church. See what else you can do to open that connection. Don't banish other beliefs just because you aren't used to them.
  6. Forgive. It’s hard to feel spiritual when you’re feeling angry, bitter, defensive, victimized, or regretful. Forgiving others and yourself can help reopen channels of spirituality and result in a much happier you.
  7. Banish fear. "Fear is the opposite of faith. When you have faith that all your needs will be met in perfect timing in the perfect way, there’s no reason to feel afraid."  When you’re in a state of fear, you’re - by definition - not being spiritual. Take risks. Follow signs. Make leaps of faith. Exercise your faith muscle.
  8. Ask for guidance. Pray or meditate on signs from the Universe, or your divine. Sit, listen and watch how they show up in your life. Often they will be catered to you individually. 
  9. Surrender. Let go. Release. Dissolve the barriers you erect. Go with the flow. Let God.

    “Your outlook on life is a direct reflection on how much you like yourself.” ~ Lululemon


    1. It's only the fear part that's stopping me.

    2. This post is pretty timely for me. Lately, I've been feeling like I really am missing something. I used to be so devout in my beliefs, and now I'm not even sure what they are anymore. I am trying to just be still and listen through meditation. I figure that the Divine can't get a word in edgewise through all of my questioning. I know I feel more grateful and closer to the Divine when I'm out in nature. It's hard not to ponder the universe when you're surrounded by nature.

    3. Beautiful post! And you are so right on all of them, for me, even though I know my faith is strong, I do take moments to do all of these things. I need that quiet time to get back to where I should be.

    4. this is so beautiul! and totally right on! busy busy busy with life, bills, stress, errands, its so hard to just relax and just be in the present! wonderful read and advise! thank you for sharing and reminding me of all that i have to be thankful for!

    5. this is wonderful, rachael! you tend to post things like this just when i need them (but don't know i do until i read them). i need to make getting quiet a part of my daily life. and banishing fear? easier said than done, but worth the effort. i LOVE that quote at the end.

    6. Nice article ...
      spirtuality is knowing self. Nothing else. it should be first step.
      Be the disciple of ramalinga vallalar


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