Friday, October 12, 2012

Thursday Threads - Thrift Finds

This is totally a day late.
I've been doing pinatas my entire week.

For those who don't know, I teach art to students aged 12-17.
We were asked to make pinatas and donate them to the school to be auctioned off for scholarship money.
Great idea.
But, I don't ever want to touch paper mache again.

Today is our last day to work on these pinatas.
We have a total of 18 that should be done, and so far only 3 are.
Tonight will be a late night for me finishing up gluing on trap doors and touching up lines students weren't able to finish. 
It's been a fun term, but I'm ready to teach again! 

That's where I've been all week.
Totally and utterly overwhelmed by pinatas. 

This week's outfit post is mostly all thrift store finds! 
My favorite kind! 

Khaki Trench - Thrift Store
Olive Green Cowl Neck Shirt - Thrift Store
Liz Claiborne Leather Bag - Thrift Store (Awesome Find!) 
Boots - Papaya 

Well, gotta run! Crepe paper won't glue itself! 

I'll be back to blogging every day next week! 


  1. Those finds are amazing! I really love that shirt. I've been loving olive lately<3

  2. I know for a fact I would have also bought that olive green shirt! :D

    You look so cute!

    Also, I am jealous of your pinata making!

  3. I heart cowl neck shirts! So jealous of your finds.


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