Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Remember me? 

Yeah. I'm still here. 

I feel awful for not having blogged since last week! 
I'm not exactly sure what my excuse is this time other than being a bit busy.
But not busy with errands and work..
Busy with slowing down.

I'm starting to cut things out of my life that don't need to be there. 
I'm cleansing a lot of things in my life right now.
Slowing everything down.

My lunch breaks at school involve meditation, walks and a bit of art work.
My drives to and from work include affirmations.
And my days off include exploring nature and of course talking to the occasional tree. 

I have been on a journey this last year..
and even before that.
A journey of self discovery, senses and spirituality.
I find I am happiest and most grounded when I'm in nature.
Most myself sitting below a tree, or in a field.

I "see" life clearly.

You will hear this a lot from me, and from others.
That nature is where we feel our happiest.
I believe it to be true.
It is where we are most natural, and free.
There are healing properties in the sun, the leaves and the wind.

I'm going to try to be better at blogging,
and including you in this journey.
It's a beautiful one.
A peaceful one.
And probably a never ending one. 


  1. You are so inspiring to me, Rachael. Please keep posting more frequently! Your journey is one that I love being part of :)

  2. Ah, beautiful. Missed you. :)

  3. Beautiful words, beautiful pictures :) very inspiring

  4. such meaningful words, so wonderful more and more of us are turning back to our true Nature... going on amazing journeys to find ourselves again and our place in Nature. Beautiful pictures, thank you for allowing us a peak


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