Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday Threads - Two In One!

I haven't had too much time lately to set up photo shoots for Outfit posts.. 
But they are something I want to keep doing.. 
So, I've taken to taking photos quickly before I leave the house. 
 Add some spice and variety to the photos I suppose.

So, until I can get a bit more time, 
I will probably post some outfit photos like these for a bit.
Oh, I love modern technology. 

Especially my phone R2.
If you look closely you will see my fun R2D2 sticker.

Today's Outfit
Keeping it casual since I woke up super sick with that migraine I've been getting lately.

Khaki Pants - Bullhead
Striped Shirt - Charlotte Russe
Black Cardigan - Thrifted 
Grey Oxfords - Forever21

Yesterday's Outfit
I was feeling much better the day before today.. I think you can tell.

Black Dress- Target (7.00 clearance!!)
Red Belt - H&M (1.00 clearance!!)
Patterned Sweater - Forever 21
Black Heels - Classified
Buffalo Necklace - Gifted from Jay of Honeybee Alley


  1. Love the oxfords and the blue sweater! So cute and great deals!!


  2. Super cute! Isn't clearance the best?

  3. You have such a good sense of style while keeping it simple. Hey, was your battery the problem on your phone? More importantly, you getting sick and getting those headaches has me worried. Try to get to a doctor soon and see what this is about please. Hugs

  4. Hi there! Love your photos, your art and your blog. I've nominated you for a little blog award thing. Hope you join. Love from Turkey <3

  5. I love the R2D2 phone sticker! And the colors of that necklace go so well with your cardigan :)


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