Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday Threads- This Is Me

This is me.
These pictures feel very true to me for some reason.
I went out on a photographic adventure with a friend.
He agreed to take my outfit photos, and for some reason, 
I was smiley and giggly and goofy and silly.
Like I am always.
But I can normally pull myself together for photos.
Not this time.
He was able to capture the true Rachael.

And I can't remember for the life of me what brand of dress this is.
All I know is it was normally 64.00.. and I got it for 10.00.
To me, that's all the matters.


  1. These are beautiful pictures with your beautiful smile and a beautiful dress :)

  2. This dress is stunning!! *Jealous*!

  3. You look wonderfully happy and so full of life :)

  4. fell in love with your dress.. greeting from Malaysia :D


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