Monday, July 30, 2012

If Misery Loves Company, What Does Happiness Love?

Misery loves company, and happiness is quite content on it's own. 
Misery feels validated if it's shared, but happiness infectious and uplifting.
Happiness is self perpetuating.

But the thing with happiness is that it's a bit unstable. Extreme happiness is a wild emotion, and everyone finds it differently.
Contentment is simple and it's safe.. but let's not strive for contentment all the time. 
Because happiness is just too good. 

Happiness loves noises and music.
Happiness loves company and friends. 
Happiness loves to be shared.
Happiness loves adventure and beauty.
Happiness loves laughing. Oh my gosh. I love laughing too! 
Happiness loves silliness and playing.
Happiness loves happiness. 
This list could go on and on.. but the most important one is,
Happiness LOVES.


  1. What a gorgeous backdrop for photos. I particularly love the 3rd one down, in front of the mountain range. When I see that I want to get out of the city so bad.

  2. Beautiful scenery, it really makes you appreciate the beauty of Mother Earth. Where I live in australia, we have ranges like that but with gum trees and some pine. There's a lake in there that's just magical, that's my hide away :)


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