Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Still Living

 I've got an awful lot on my plate lately.
Lots of change, lots of working, and bouts of bad luck.

I've been getting sick lately..
I'm not sure what's up.
I'll get random blinding headaches, and I get extremely nauseous.
I don't know what causes it.
I'm very careful with my diet.
I eat gluten free, and as organic as possible.
So, I'm really trying to figure it out..
without a trip to the doctor.
And without medication. 

Anyways.. I don't want to complain.
though, I feel I could list a whole lot of complaints here.
That won't do me any good.

I'm currently still adjusting,
still healing,
and still living.


  1. Beautiful photographs. Get feeling better:)

  2. it sounds like you're getting migraines. I was recommended a remedy that doesn't involve any medicine. First, when you feel the headaches coming on, take a cold can of soda and a wet rag. sit in a chair, put the can on the back of your neck, tilt your head back to keep the can in place, then put the damp cloth on your face. All you have to do then is sit back and relax:-)

  3. Take gentle care of you <3 I totally get the thing with the doctor, but headaches + nauseous doesn't sounds good...if your own remedies don't heal you as expected, i would tell you not to wait too much to see the doctor...Take care sweet friend <3<3<3 xoxox

  4. Another possibility is an ear infection. I've had them, and they've actually made me puke. It's because they effect your inner ear, which results in your balance feeling off. They also come with severe headaches, so it seems it might be likely.

    Also, if it is migraines, try drinking soy milk (I don't know if that is GF). The niacin in the soy milk is supposed to help prevent/reduce migraines, maybe there are niacin supplements available? I hope you feel better, both in your heart and your head, soon.

  5. Oh, lady friend. You are going to figure this all out and come up on top, I just know it! Hope you feel better soon. :)

  6. For me blinding headaches in the front of my head + nausea = sinus headache. Sudafed will take care of that if thats what it is. Thats what happens to me and over the counter sudafed is the only stuff that helps.

  7. My daughter has the same symptoms. Then again she has morning sickness.
    Hope you figure it out soon.

  8. Hi, there is a really great documentary I just heard about and watched called Forks over Knives. You can watch it free on hulu. It proposes a plant and whole grain-based diet, and gives supporting research and findings for its effectiveness at keeping people healthy and off their medications. They also have a website. forksoverknives.com

  9. Sounds familiar.. Those might be "ascension symptoms". A lot of people are going through stuff lately.. so you might check it out :)
    Lovely blog, btw :)

  10. A bag of ice on the head--like an old cartoon character :)--works absolute wonders for my migraines. A bag of frozen peas are lovely too because they settle in over all the curves. Good luck!

  11. Since you've been going through a lot of emotional stress (at least it seems like it), that may be what's making you sick. I get very sick when I am stressed out or upset about something. Your body reacts physically to your emotional state, some people more than others. I pray that you will feel better soon. God Bless!

  12. Ok it seems that the majority of us agree that it might be migraines or it could be a sinus headaches since both can make you want to puke and since I dealt with a migraine every day last year do to an accident I feel for you very much. I do agree with Stacey about the soda can or a bag of ice on the back of your neck! Now let me tell you that migraines are not something to mess with they are usually a sign of something serious wrong,anywhere from a pinched nerve in your neck, or maybe a bad disc in your neck also or the worse could be an anurism or a tumor in your head so please do NOT put it off to much longer. You might want to try taking some magnesium or eating some food high in magnesium since that is one of the number one minerals that they use in migraine care,if it does come to the point of you seeing a dr for this do not let them give you a DHE treatment it is some bad stuff and I wouldn't tell anyone to get one after what I went through with mine last year! Good luck I hope you are feeling better soon !!!

    1. It does sound like migraines which I used to have. Stress can trigger them as well as certain foods. I found that delaying my eating and letting my blood sugar get too low was a contributing factor. If you are open to it you could look up Ayurveda, which is an ancient healing science based on body type, season and your particular imbalance. I would avoid heat, spicy foods, garlic for starters...you can search for an Ayurvedic physician in your area. Deepak Chopra is an Ayurvedic physician just to give you an example of someone in that field

  13. I have the exact same symptoms (doctor reinforced). You are getting migraines and it is from a combination of the lighting in your classroom, the fact that you wear glasses and because you are fair skinned and light eyed. Mine are so bad that unless I can get to a dark quiet space real quick I have to take meds.

  14. Yes, Rachel... Your Crown Chakra is opening... No worries! xo


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