Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Tree

When I was growing up, I had a tree.
A beautiful apricot tree. 
The limbs were smooth from me climbing so often.
And the branches were full of my secrets.

Every time I visit my parent's house I feel drawn to visit my tree. 
And this last time, it was full of apricots.
I'm sure I spoiled my dinner by snacking on a few.
(It wouldn't be the first time.)


  1. oh..i would love an apricot tree in my garden! Lovely pictures <3


  2. I love this! You always look so sweet and gorgeous in your posts, you have such a peace and happiness :)
    Janelle - J>P Photography

  3. That is amazing! Oh, I'd love to have room for fruit trees one day!


  4. Love the pics <3 And the Tree story <3 Your hair look great took, very shiny!!! Lots of love <3 xoxox

  5. the pictures are beautiful! you look like a little woodland fairy! looks like a fun time :)

  6. Beautiful :) when I was litte I had a seeder tree that my sister and I would climb up into. We spent most of our time up in that tree but we moved and it was cut down. Now that my family and I have brought our own house there is a seeder tree in our backyard for my girls to climb :)

  7. I also have a tree that I visit at my parents! I love it!


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