Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday Threads - The Part Of A Teacher

Due to a complication with my contacts,
and the fact that my last one tore right in half while it was still in my eye, 
I've been wearing my glasses lately.

I  just got these new ones, and I'm delighted to inform you,
that I can see quite well in them.
They are a new pair, so the prescription is brand new too.
When I first started wearing them, the new perfect vision almost made me sick to my stomach.
It was quite hard to get used to.
But now I actually look the part of someone who should be grading papers,
teaching color theory and showing kids how to draw straight lines.

Life is good.

Bowtie Blouse- Oliviea 
Green Sweater- Thrifted
Black and Grey Oxfords- Forever21
Computer Chip Necklace- Recomputing 


  1. You look cute but don't forget to keep yourself in there. The kids need to be inspired also ;)

  2. Rachel you look so cute in this outfit!!!! This one would be totally something I'd wear!!! I love the sweater!

  3. Super cute. you definitely look the part. I love my glasses and have worn contact before but just didn't look like "myself." You look adorable either way, though :)

  4. Awwhh you do look like a teacher, lol!! (:

    So jealous of your oxfords!!!


  5. You look so cute in glasses!

  6. Your glasses are great!
    Isn't teaching color theory the best?!

  7. Very teacher like :) you look great in glasses!

  8. Very nice teacher look. Are you at a local elementary school?

    1. I'm working at a psychiatric residential high school!

  9. wow, it looks so different to how you normally look! amazing :).

  10. You look entirely "teacherly" and yet still beautifully yourself. You are shining in your many roles, girl :)


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