Friday, April 20, 2012

Vote For Me!

 My little Blog has been nominated!

I've had an extremely hard week.. I've been walking kids to lunch with my arms folded, shooshing more than I ever have, and teaching.. gulp... math.
I've been working FULL TIME for a little while so that I can get back to where I was financially before I lost my job.
I've been coming home and nearly collapsing on the couch.
Working with children is hard.

And I'm tired.
But, when this appeared in my mail box, I got excited! I would love some votes!


  1. You have my vote, Rachael. Good luck! How is it being a math teacher?:p How young are the children? XOXO

  2. :D What Event are you listed under?? Want to make sure I vote for you!!! :D

  3. I voted for you. Yours is by far my favorite.

  4. I'll definitely vote for you! And I work with youngsters as well, teaching's hard sometimes but isn't it also so darn rewarding!!

  5. Voted!! And shared the link on FB for you!! <3


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