Friday, April 20, 2012

Treasure Huntes

Brad and I love adventure.
When money is a little tight we can still manage to find adventure.

Between our group of friends we started a little treasure hunt.
We have a purple Easter Egg, one person puts a prize inside and hides it for the rest of us to find.
There aren't really any rules as to where it is hidden, but the hider does give a hint once the egg is hidden.
It's been a really fun game, tonight Brad and I retrieved the egg from the top parking level of a near by hotel.

The other day, Brad and I went to find the egg that was hidden up the canyons. We got up there, searched around, only to realize someone had found it, and forgot to tell us all.

So, Brad and I decided to find more treasure.

When Brad and I first started dated, we used to go Geocaching.

Check out more info here! 

Geocaching is a lot like our Easter Egg hunt, but it's with GPS and strangers.

We decided to find out near us.

We did a search, and found out there was one within a mile.
We started hunting.
Awful picture, dirty and scratched phone.
I know, I don't take care of that thing at all.
After hiking around for about 30 minutes we finally found the cache.
Hidden away under some rocks.

We signed our names and took a toy from the box, after putting a new one in.

Who knew there are so many treasures hidden around us daily?

We also took that time to get some pictures of a new hat!
It's been a while since I added a new hat to the hat shop.

I think it's about time I had a cute little hat with a bow! 
Of course, if you don't want a kitty, I could make any animal hat with a little bow! 

I'll be adding this cutie to the hat shop later tonight! 


  1. YES. Geocaching! I just went last weekend for the first time this year and my love for it's just come right back! I always love seeing other people enjoy it, too. :)

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I've heard of that but never knew what it was. Cute hat too:)

  3. Sounds like fun! I LOVE YOUR HAIR that color! It looks amazing and really makes your beautiful eyes pop!

  4. That does sound so adventurous! I'm glad you found a man that sounds so perfect for you :D

  5. you look stunning while "hiking"?? :P

  6. Hello Rachael
    We are hunting treasures iwith Geocaching in Portugal too, for three months now.
    Mostly my son and his fathers friends.
    There ar a lot in Coimbra, where we live, then we have to begin search outside.

  7. Awesome, Boyfriend and I go geocaching all the time! So much fun, and it helps us discover new and exciting places to explore!

  8. I have always wanted to go geocaching. It looks like so much fun, and that cache looked really cool. And your new hat is adorable, just like all the other ones.

  9. Very nice! I just signed up for Geocaching, what app do you guys use to find the coordinates, my phones gps isn't cutting it for me

  10. im so glad you went caching!!!!! whats ur tag name? we are army&artist. there are 50+ w/in 30 minutes of us! we are hooked!


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