Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Little Things

 In times of trial,
It's the little things that help us get by.

Right now, I'm working extra hard on my shops.
I'm even reworking the hat shop again. 
I nearly closed that one, but I'm glad I didn't.

Until I can figure something else out, 
this is all I have. 
That, and the little things..


  1. Wishing you all the success in the world! Maybe that other door closed so you would see some better ones for you to walk through.

  2. Awh! Ewok! Your drawing is perfect!

  3. whatever you can hold on to! *hugs*

  4. hahahhahhahahaha. Ewok... made my day. <3

  5. Here is another small thing.

    Your hat is on the front page of ETSY right now ;)

  6. Hello Rachael
    I read your post yestreday, Iºm so sorry abiut the situation, and I know how you feel...:(
    You are such a beautifull girl, just saw you on Etsy Front Page, eveything is going to be alright and you will find a solution.

  7. that draw something drawing is amaaazing!

  8. 1. love the ewok.
    2. love your hair right now.
    3. it really is the little things that make life wonderful. i'm beginning to think that it's good for us when the big things aren't working, because it forces us to see the small ones we love.

  9. That Ewok is so cute! I'm so sorry your struggling right now. I know what it's like to be jobless, so I'm going to feature your adorable hat shop in my next Etsy Love feature on my blog. It's not because I feel sorry for you. It's because your hats are so freaking adorable. I would buy them all or at least one if I had any money.


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