Monday, March 19, 2012

April Sponsor Call!

I can't believe it's almost April! Spring is almost here, and it's almost time to start planting my garden. If only it will stop snowing randomly. I've got some fun giveaways lined up for this month.. but there are a lot of empty spaces for you guys to fill in!

For those of you with the free small ads from March.. read on. I've got another great deal for you!

How it works:
-Your ad will go up on the first of the month.

-Large ads are listed first, then small ads follow.

-You can make your own ad or I can make you a custom one for $15.
If you make your own, please be sure it's the right size!

Monthly Rates:

 The Extra Large Ad
There will only be one per month.
Extra Large Ads are 45$ 
This includes an interview, and your choice between a giveaway or a guest post.
You will get a solo post for your giveaway
and another solo post for your interview. 

The Extra Large Ad package also includes weekly shout-outs via twitter and facebook.

The Large Ad
 Large Ad's are 35$

This includes a group giveaway with the other sponsors. 
If no other sponsors are scheduled for a giveaway,
lucky you!
You will either have a giveaway with me, or a solo one! 

The Large Ad Package also includes a group interview post.

If you decide to sponsor another month, your second month will only be 25.00, without a giveaway.

The Large Ad package also includes weekly shout-outs via twitter and facebook.

The Small Ad
Small ads are 15$
There are no limits to the amount of small ads at this time.
This ad is a great and affordable way to get your shop or blog seen!

For those of you who got the free small ad last month... 
I've been so happy to have you here! I'm offering you guys the option to renew it for only $5.00 for the month of April! 
If you weren't able to get the free one last month, shoot me an email, 
I'll give you the $5.00 deal too!
Send me an email at

I can make you a custom button for an additional $15. I will include HTML for you to use on your own blog too!

Giveaways: A giveaway is included in the Extra Large Adspace. If you are interested in just a giveaway and no adspace, the charge is just 25$.  Please note that the giveaway item needs to be worth at least $25.00.

Product Reviews:

 For a less costly way to advertise,  you may send me an item from your shop to incorporate into my weekly outfit posts! I always link what I wear, and do a little review for my etsy or other handmade finds!
The outfit post also gets onto lookbook, twitter, facebook, tumblr flickr, AND pinterest! It can be a great way to get your item seen! So, if you are interested, send me an email!

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