Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rising Above

A little while ago I had a blog reader write to me for advice. 
She was going through a hard time, and wanted some of my tips on being happy.
I told her the usual tips, but then I remembered one thing.
One thing that I didn't read about, or see.
I dreamed about this one.
I told it to her, 
and realized I hadn't told anyone else this..
And who knows, maybe it could help.

Let's rewind a little bit.
I used to be very depressed.
This was before this blog existed really, before I made art all the time.
Back when I was in a very negative relationship, and far away from anyone to talk to.
I remember a dream I had.
It wasn't a story-like dream, it was a vision-like dream.

All I saw was purple, and a small green vine growing.
The vine circled and twisted as it grew,
But it grew.

I woke up with a wonderful feeling.
And that vision of that vine has never left me.

For a long time, when I was sad, I would imagine that vine growing.
Reaching up to heaven, growing from nothing.
Sometimes all I needed was that instant picture in my head..
with the words, "Rise above" and the simple word "Happiness."
Those were my mantas during my hard times..
and this image was my own personal Mandala.

And I promise this helped me. 
This simple image brightened my day, and lifted my spirits.
Something as simple as a beautiful image when you need it most can make all the difference.

And the other day, I decided to paint my vine.
Just the way I saw it when it was in full bloom.
And now I will hang the original in my room.
And hope to sell prints, where I will share it's story, 
and hope others will find peace and happiness the way I did.

And I invite you, if you are having a hard time.. or going through rough patches.
Create a beautiful image in your mind, and go to it when you need it.
It could be sun rays, a growing flower, or a waterfall.
And if you would like, you can take my image.
The peaceful purple background, with the little vine reaching upwards.

And right now, while I wait to hear back about this house,
with the big windows, and the yellow walled art studio,
and the the living room I could dance in,
I'm holding onto my little vine.
 While I am anxious and nervous,
it gives me peace. 


  1. this is so beautiful! Being depressed is a horrible feeling. I too was depressed for a very long time and have found passion in my art and writing. To know that their is a light at the end of the tunnel and to have a vision of that light, wow:-)

    It must be a very humble feeling to have a reader write to you for advice.

    1. I think depression runs strong in the people who are creative. I'm glad you've seen the light at the end of the tunnel too! It's a beautiful one! And I love getting messages from readers, especially for advice. Sometimes I wonder why trials happen, and most of the time, I get my answer.. to help someone else through their trial. :)

    2. i agree, i think it's meant to help fuel our creativity. But honestly, I believe happiness is a better fuel for the creative process! thanks, I'm glad i'm in a good place now, a happy place:-) I'm glad you found that place as well. Life's so much better over here!

      I believe everything happens for a reason. So those little bumps in the road, they are put there to make us stronger:)

  2. I agree with this 110%! Whenever I am stressed out or feeling depressed I picutre my "happy place" too. For me, it's the beach. Theres just something about laying in the sand and hearing the waves relaxing. =)

    1. Mmm! I LOVE the beach! That sounds wonderful right now. I haven't been in over a year. Crazy.

  3. I love your story and your painting! The colors are so lovely!!! Thanks for sharing it with us. And remember a small vine like yours can be extremely strong and even if it is cut back, it will keep coming up over and over again, growing stronger and stronger each time!

    1. Thank you! And yes.. I never really thought of it like that, but it's true. Little vines are built very tough!

  4. You have a good point. I sew but I sew my best when I'm depressed and need a distraction.

    1. Yes, I create two very different styles, a more depressed style, and a happy style. But, there are certainly two sides to everyone.. and I think it's good to embrace them both. :)

  5. you speak from my heart. I am depressed when I'm not creative.

    1. Thanks Cherry! I get depressed when I don't get to create too.

  6. Very lovely post! I get depressed too. My best friend took her own life years ago. Had no idea the demons she was fighting till after she passed. I have gotten better but it still gets to me at times. I need a happy place. I try to reach to something creative ( yarn, photography, music, writing or drawing) to get me there first. If that does not work I tickle my three year old princess till she giggles nonstop. Its the best sound in the world.

    1. Alma, I'm so sorry about your friend.. I'm glad you are working through your depression.. I'm the same way, if creating doesn't work, I just need to play with my pups! Their happiness is pretty contagious.

  7. This is beautiful. I need to get back to painting and drawing. I miss it.

    1. You really should! I try to paint at least twice a week.. I wish it was more!

  8. what a beautiful post. thank you for the inspiration! i need to create something like this for myself.


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