Monday, January 2, 2012


Hello, and Happy New Year!
So, I haven't quite edited all the photos from the party. I ended up taking over 300! And then I only wanted to edit about 94.. and I don't want to post 94 on my blog and slow your computers down to a snail speed... so I'm not sure what I will do! 
But, I won't post them until tomorrow.. because it's a great day to paint. 
Here are a few sneak peeks though! 
The house was sparkly, and so were the people who came over. 
Brad was very handsome in his skinny black jeans, and his skinny black tie.
And I felt like a little fairy with sparkles on my eyes.
We ate lots of food, and laughed an awful lot.
I forgot to take pictures of most of the food and decorations,
But when you think about it, that means the party was too fun.
So, I will continue to edit photos today, and post them tomorrow.
But right now, I wanted to share some of MY Resolutions. 

1. Pay off one credit card.
2. Take the doggies on more walks.
3. Keep a daily planner.
4. Disconnect from negative people who suck the positive energy right out of others. 
5. Disconnect from flaky-part-time-only-there-when-they-need-you-friends.

Number 5 is a a big one for me.. I love to be nice to everyone. I go out of my way for people to make them happy, and I never expect anything in return. But then when I do need someone, and I go to them for support and comfort, they are never there for me. Which in turn makes me feel even worse. Or they say they will do something, then back out at the last minute. So yes, number 5 is a personal one, and it will be probably the hardest one. But everyone deserves better friends than that. And of course, the other part to number 5 is seeking out the opposite, and making more trustworthy true friends.

Do you have any resolutions?


  1. I've found I am really good at goal setting as long as I have to be held accountable to the goals, and so I came up with some pretty challenging goals and am determined to keep them this year. We'll see how it goes. My goals are listed here:

  2. happy new year! you look so pretty in your party dress! i love your resolutions! i have a REALLY long list that i made while i was super over-caffeinated. a little nervous about crossing everything off the list-- but i'm totally up for the challenge!

  3. You look so sparkly in these pictures. Sounds like a great time. Resolutions for me to work on my blog that is less than a month old, work on more crafty projects, work on a planner daily, work out of moving outta NY. Happy New Year!

  4. I love your goals and I hear you on 'em, 'specially #4 and #5. People like that aren't necessary in your life, at least not with how they're acting!!!

  5. #5 is a big one fore me too this year. Too many times have I made plans or needed help and support and my "friends" throw me the old "oh, sorry I missed this event, I fell asleep... for 6 hours, and my phone was under my pillow for 2 days, which is why you couldn't get a hold of me..." Yuck, I don't like flakes like that. You look beautiful in that blue dress by the way! It suits you!

  6. okay, your hair is to DIE FOR! i love! Love those resolutions, i just posted mine on my blog as well! Glad I found your blog, so dang cute! can't wait to catch up on the rest of your posts! :]

  7. Lovely! I adore your party hat. My resolutions for 2012 are:

    1. Schedule my creative workday like an office workday, (No FB personal calls/texts from 9-5 Mon-Fri).
    2. Back to budgeting! (Live a little more frugally).
    3. Nurture my inner little old lady. (Rock tea, frocks, and solving mysteries).
    4. Less jeans!

    I wrote my reasons out here (if you have time to read them, if you don't, it's cool!)

  8. Your party looks like it was so fun!

    #5 is a huge one for me as well.

    But besides that, I'm trying to finish the manuscript I've been writing before my spring quarter starts, as well as support more of my local businesses.

  9. Excellent goals for us ALL to work on going forward. Good for you for taking a stand against negative and toxic "friendships".

  10. You look beautiful! Can't wait to see the rest of your photos! It looks like you had a great party!

    I love #4 and 5 of your resolutions! I have been trying to do the same thing myself. I stopped talking to one of the people that fit into both of those categories and my life has been so much less stressful!

  11. Cheers to the new year and to attracting deserving, wonderful people into our lives!


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