Tuesday, January 3, 2012

And A Happy New Year!

So, I've never thrown a New Years Party before, or any kind of party for that matter.. But I decided to throw the kind of party that I would want to go to. I wanted lots of sparkles, and pretty things. All the girls had to dress up, and so did the boys. I was very impressed with this group of friends. Especially since I've only known them for a year, and I met them through Brad. They all complied to my formal rule.

I had plans to take pictures of everyone like this, but I got sidetracked.. For that I apologize, but I bet you guys could do with a few less kissing pictures.
We decorated the house with blue, black, silver and white. Twinkly lights, streamers and balloons.
We had a party hat making table, and streamers hanging from the ceiling. 
We served black eyed pea bean dip and jalapeno poppers. I put out a bowl of olives, pretzels, and a big platter of cupcakes. I also used colored sixlets (My favorite candy!) as edible decorations. 

And then I stopped photographing the surroundings, and started photographing the party. I figured out that if you have your camera at just the right setting, turn the flash on, and move it just a little as the shutter closes, you can get some really awesome "party" photos. And now I will warn you.. there is a swear word contained in these photos. Don't be mad, they had a little fun with the stickers.
The part where I don't think herealizes what his face says..
The part where he finds out what his face says after some letters fell off.

 And at midnight we kissed our sparkly, well dressed significant others.
Then went outside and lit fireworks, danced around with pots and pans and made a lot of noise.
And this is only half of the photos... See the rest on facebook!


  1. Ha ha, Brad looks like he has sparkly antlers in one of these! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  2. happy new year!!!
    great photos and your dress is so beautiful!


  3. Aww! Such a cute party! I was (and am) sick, so my celebrating consisted of earl grey in bed and an early bedtime.

  4. It looks like you had so much fun!! I love all of your pictures!! All of your decorations look great!

  5. Lovely photos . Especially the ones with lights :) Looks like a great night! x


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