Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I talk about change quite a bit, don't I?
Change is always constant.

Sometimes it's bad, sometimes it's good.

Last week I painted these girls.
One changing to a tree, 
the other changing to water.

There was no real reason I painted them, 
other than change is always happening.
Sometimes we can't do anything about it, 
sometimes we can.

My dear friends,
I hate politics. 
I really do...
But, today I'm taking action
and I hope you will too. 
(I'm like Dr Seuss!) 

I won't speak too much of it on my blog...
But, I believe in stopping piracy and copyright infringement,
without censorship.
If you think you won't be affected, think again.

Read about it here and here and... Another great article!
And do something about it 

I myself have signed 3 petitions,
and wrote a letter to the Utah congress.


  1. you are too cute and so is your blog. i'm following! amazing drawings.

  2. Hey, that's awesome that you're taking action.

    P.S. Your first painting is awesome, reminds me of a sculpture I made. Great minds think alike!


    1. Aw! She is darling! And hell yes I am taking action! I just saw you are too. Let's change the world.. little by little.. or hope to at least.

  3. How old do you have to be to sign the petitions?

    1. I didn't see an age limit.. I would try to sign it no matter what!

  4. I saw you started following me on Twitter, so I decided to check out your blog.
    1. I looove big eyed art.
    2. You and me must be on the same wave length because I just did a post a few days ago about change.
    3. Yoou are super adorable!

    Adding you for sure!!

    1. Hi Amy!!
      I'm so glad to meet you! I love big eyed art.. something about big mysterious eyes makes me happy! Especially when they look a little bit sad. :) That's probably why I get chihuahuas, something about they big ol' eyes!!
      Thanks so much, I'm so happy to meet you!!


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