Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday Threads- Lace and Ruffles

I can't believe it's already Thursday.
Most of Wednesday was taken up by giving the blog a whole new look.
(More on that later..)
So, happy Thursday! 

Here is a bit about this outfit.
I love ruffles and lace. Any time I can find a top that has both, I'm in love. 
I don't like to be too girly, so I paired this lacy top with a navy blue blazer and some baggy jeans.
The lighting was fun. 
Sun spots and rainbows were everywhere.
And of course so was Charlie. 
He is quite the diva, and loves to be in pictures.


  1. Love it. :) You look gorgeous!

  2. I love that top!! SO pretty!!! Ruffles + lace are two of my favorite things too!! :)

  3. Just the right amount of girly, I'd say. I love the shoes!

  4. Awww! I love that everything looks so gorgeous on you! I love this top so much!!! And the shoes... <3
    I'm in love with the picture with your Charlie!!! <3

  5. Cute pics & I love that outfit, but I was just thrown by your dog! I LOVE Corgi's. I have a Corgi-mix. Now I sound like a crazy'dog lady. I'll stop now. Cute oufit ;)


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