Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Spreading Peace

I woke up in a grumpy mood.. well, maybe not woke up. 
I didn't get much sleep at all last night to be honest. 
If you follow me on twitter, I'm sure you've heard me complain about the upstairs neighbors. 
They can't help it, but they are very loud.

I didn't get much sleep because,
there is a weak spot in the ceiling, (their floors) right about my head.
It sounds like they might fall through! It is the loudest sound in the world when you are trying to sleep. It doesn't help that they go to bed after me, and walk all around there before bed,
and it doesn't help that they wake up two hours earlier and walk all around. 
This morning they were up at four. So was I.
I wanted to pound on the ceiling and tell them I was trying to sleep.
I wanted to go up there in my pajamas and tell them to be quiet.
But I didn't, and I can't.
Because they are just walking.
That's what people do.

I didn't get much sleep because Destinee's cat cried all night.
After the flea outbreak, he's the only one who remains flea infested, 
so he is in the bathroom until the flea medicine kicks in.
He isn't happy about it. 
So, he cries.
He knocks over all my makeup, 
spills it into a messy pile of broken powder at 4 am.
He tears up the toilet paper roll.
He yells and cries some more.
Right next to my room. 
I wanted to go in there and tell him to be quiet.
I wanted to spray him with a squirt gun until he is good and wet.
But I didn't, and I can't.
Because he is just a cat. 
That's what cats do.

I didn't get much sleep because I had a horrible nightmare about Mowgli.
So horrible, the thought brings tears to my eyes, 
and I can't go into deatail.
Lets just say, I woke up crying louder than the cat.
But, I can't do anything about those dreams either.

I've been grumpy all day. 
Things are bothering me, and they are beyond my control.

I was so upset this morning.
I honked at another driver.
I looked up apartments online.
I complained to Brad.
I complained to myself.
I just knew today would be a bad day.

But then, I stopped.
That isn't me.
I'm not someone who complains and hates.
I don't get grumpy often, and I like that.
I'm changing today.

I wanted to show you my new paintings from this week, but realized they are not yet edited enough.
The only one I have is this one. 
I realize, she isn't the prettiest girl in the world.
She has ferns for hair, but only on half of her head.
Her eyes are uneven, and her lips are a bit big.
But I love her.

I painted her just the way she is.
She turned out just as she should.
And I put one of my favorite quotes by Sadako Sasaki on the painting.

I guess to me, this painting symbolizes,
no matter what,
no matter what you look like, who you are,
what you've been through, or are going through.
You can spread peace.

And so can I.

I  can't blame others for things that just happen.
I can't be angry for things no one can help.
So I won't.
I choose to spread peace today, and be happy.

p.s. ever wish there was a magic button to make it everything okay?
Here it is!


  1. Thanks for the link to the magic button - it definitely made me smile, and I'm in a bit of grumpy mood myself. But I don't want to be grumpy, either.

  2. I really needed this today. Thank you.

  3. LOVE this post! Sometimes I just wake up in the worst mood and am so cranky like I make myself even more cranky just knowing how miserable I am acting. Sorry about the creaky floorboards, lack of sleep, angry kitty, and fleas....and I'm terribly sorry about the nightmare. That is the worst. =( I hope your day has gotten better! I love the message of your painting....just beautiful <3

  4. That stinks. Basement apartments are no fun, and neither are upset kitties locked in the bathroom. I had a cat that somehow managed to lock the bathroom from the inside one night (it was the button-type lock, I think he jumped and got it somehow) and he cried all night long. Sam had to take the doorknob apart from the outside so we could get him out!

  5. Thanks so much for your comments! Mckella, we've had cats that would do that. We would always have to take the door off.

  6. This is very timely for me. I have been in a grumpy mood for a few days. I smiled at the magic button :) I hope the kitty is not flea infested for long and that things clear up for you :) When you are down, just look at see all the people you impact and help out, including me!

    Peace and Love

  7. I love your painting! The style is so cool. I also love your cute red hair!

    I used to have the WORST upstairs neighbor ever. She was literally on drugs and would stay up for days at a time doing who knows what, but it sounded like she was constantly rearranging her furniture and banging around a lot. Like all day and allll night. I feel your pain.

  8. You are such a doll. This is a wonderful post. I hope you get some sleep tonight.


  9. What a great post and what a great attitude.

    I have a suggestion that helped me get some sleep....earplugs. It took about a week to get used to them but now I wouldn't try to sleep without them.

  10. I had that kind of day today, and your post cheered me up considerably! Thank you. She is very pretty, and looks exactly perfect. I also realy love the quote on her painting. Thank you and you are an awesome artist!

  11. This is something that not all of the people are able to do, Rachael.
    Humans are so... We get angry too easily... With people, things (isn't funny to get angry with the things?) But not all us us have the perception of what really stands behind the other people... But you are able... and that for sure makes you, spiritually, one step above a lot of humans.

    I'm in love with your "uneven fairy". Asymmetry is what I love in the things...

    The button was really a sweet little thing.
    Thank you for sharing such great thoughts...
    We always need words like these!

    Could you keep this peace as long as possibile!

  12. man, i don't think i could live with upstairs neighbors. all of your complaints are legit, but i'm so glad you found a way to relieve yourself and feel better!

  13. Yeah, upstairs neighbors aren't all that bad... unless the house is old, like mine. The ceilings are really low too.

  14. Hi,

    I don't know you and I've never been to your blog before, but I found your photos from Filmore. Than I found this post. And it hit my heart. I'm readjusting my perspective and approach today because of this. I haven't been "me" in awhile. I miss me.

    So thank you. And thank you for the lovely photos.


  15. Courtney!
    Thank you so much for this comment, I'm glad it helped you. I hope you can find "you" again.. not feeling yourself, is such a terrible feeling! xoxo

  16. Thanks for this post Rachael! And the link to the magic button. I haven't been feeling myself lately either. Thanks for writing this!


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