Monday, November 14, 2011


My artwork has many many layers. 
They take a lot of time, but are  a lot of fun to make. 
I always think progression is fun to look at... 
so, here is the progression of a painting.
I start out with a textured canvas this one has stucco and gesso on it. 
I textured it several days before.
Starting the sketch
Blending the oil pastels with my fingers..
Finished Piece! 
"What Happens In Fall" 
Another "Tree-Girl", shedding her leaves in the wind.
Mixed Media, on canvas, 16x20.

The original, as well as prints are now available in the shop.


  1. This was so much fun to see! I love seeing the layesr and process your work goes through. It's fascinating!

  2. Wow!!! It's beautiful! I love this post... And I love birch trees sooo much!
    Years ago I had a little art-supplies shop and so I had the possibility to use a lot of stuff I was selling...
    I remeber I was in love with stucco&gesso and I was used to use it everywhere... ;)
    I don't use pencils since years, but this reminds me nice moments...
    Your post makes my hands quiver :)
    Thank you for sharing...
    Have a bright day Rachael

  3. I love your paintings, and I think the layered, textured quality are my favorite things about them. I think layering things in art makes it feel more human.

  4. I'm not a painter but I do have a deep appreciation for any creative process.
    This was a really interesting post. Thanks for taking the time to put it together. It was fascinating!

  5. Oh I love this one and always love to see how other people work!! thanks for sharing :o)

  6. that was so cool to follow along in the journey of your creating!

  7. love the shade of green.

  8. I love that you posted progress pics. I've been trying to do that with all of my paintings. Sometimes I get too wrapped up in it that I forget though. lol. Very nice work!

  9. this is so cool, you are really talented. you're art has really progressed! i love all of the textured you're using now... especially the words :)

    xx, kara

  10. For textured paintings have you ever added flour to your paint? I have a painter friend that suggested that to me one time. I thought it was really neat.


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