Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nothing Of Significance

I have nothing of significance to report today.
No pretty pictures of trees to show you.
No random photos of paintings to post.

I've been a busy girl, and I've forgotten to be out taking photos of the pretty things.
I walked outside this morning and immediately regretted not bringing my camera.
It's a beautiful dark overcast day, and the trees look like skeletons.

But, I was running late, and didn't have time to go back and grab my camera. 

I am currently suffering from a case of wanderlust...
I miss traveling around like I used to.
This is the longest I've ever stayed in one place. 
That blows my mind. 
I love finding new places and people.
I need an adventure real soon...
Maybe this weekend I will take a long drive and find something beautiful.

In about a month, Brad and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary.
We are going on an adventure to celebrate.
We've been saving up for months and months to go to Disneyland again.
We finally had enough saved up in our little book-box to purchase the tickets.
We were so excited, we made a paper chain to help us count down the days.

We are like silly kids sometimes. 

Yesterday, Brad had a bad day. 
I couldn't buy him flowers like what he bought me so instead I took him for a steak dinner.
We giggled and laughed the whole time, and talked about Disneyland, aliens 
and how we wished we never had to work.
We saw a lady with a strange hair style that resembled a shark.
We both started singing the "Jaws" theme song at the same time. 
No rehearsal even.
I'm glad he and I share a brain sometimes.


  1. hahaha you and Brad sound like me and my husband. We are such goofballs all the time. I've got a case of wanderlust myself... I keep thinking about places I want to go. One day ;)

    Happy One Year Anniversary!!


  2. I too have been suffering from wanderlust especially hard as of lately. Me and my bf had one of those "same brain" moments yesterday while driving. We saw a tree with roots and lumps growing from it and at the same time, both commented that it looked like tree testicles.
    Twas' funny :)


  3. That is so sweet. I haven't found my "Brad" yet, but reading your sweet posts gives me hope! When you start to wander again, I suggest going to Monterey, CA. I spent some time there and loved it. The Florida Panhandle has some nice spots, too, but be sure to come in the fall or winter. Summers are just too darn hot.

  4. This is just so sweet. It put a smile on my face!

  5. i like reading about your insignificant details. :) i love your description of the trees looking like skeletons. i know what you mean with the wanderlust. hurray for disneyland! the shark thing cracked me up.

  6. Did you go to Texas roadhouse? Because there is a server there who has a shark-like hairdo. Makes me laugh every time!

    Also, cograts on your 1 year anniversary! We did Disneyland for ours too!

  7. For having nothing to report, it's a good post!!!
    I like to travel too... Expecially I love driving, even alone...
    If Europe weren't that expensive, I would go everywhere... But the costs of fuel, trains & co. are prohibitive...
    I love thist post... Smells like Freedom and Life
    :) have a wonderful day!


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