Friday, November 4, 2011

New Painting, Pictures, and Plans

I'm finally adding a new painting..
It's been almost a month! 

October was so busy for me, I wasn't able to paint or photograph my newest painting!
This painting has been sitting in my work shop for nearly a month.
So, I thought in the spirit of "New" I should show you guys the new painting.

I call it 
The Bird Keeper.

Birds, and walks through the forest have always been some of my favorite things.
Every time I see a flock of birds I get such a good feeling in my heart.
I love seeing them fly, do little circles in the air, swoop down and land in a tree.
I love when they fly in front of me as I walk,
almost like I'm on the right path, and they are confirming it.

I probably sound silly, but yes, that is what this new painting is all about.
It's 16x20 inches.. Each bird is made from vintage fabric, collected over the years, and given to me.
See the original here, and get prints here.

Also, I know have a new avatar on Etsy...
This is the 3rd time I've ever changed it in all my Etsy life.
Crazy, I know.

It's actually the top one that is the new avatar,
but this is a connected image, used for my new webpage.

This weekend is going to be good.
Tomorrow and Sunday it's supposed to snow,
so I plan on staying indoors with a warm cup of cocoa,
watching X-files, Ghosthunters and Monsterquest..
all while doing my favorite things.
Making hats, and painting.


  1. What a beautiful painting!! I love it!!

  2. The painting is beautiful! Nature is the best inspiration!

  3. Thanks so much kittykerri and Lizard Factory! Natures is indeed the best inspiration!

  4. I wish you and I were close enough in Utah to actually visit one another. <3 You have such a beautiful, whimsical view on life - much like I do. I LOVE birds!!! I LOVE walking! I LOVE nature!!!

    And I LOVE your painting and new avatar. You look like a pixie! ^_^

  5. Dear Rachel, I found your blog and I love your beautiful hats! For days I look at them and I filled of them my wish list! Look at this if you dont' believe it:
    Soon I'd like to buy one of them to you... I really love your creativity!
    Sorry for my english, I'm italian and I don't speak it well :)
    Lot hugs! :)

  6. Angie!! I know. I think we would be great friends!!
    Viola, aw you are soo sweet! Thank you so much!
    And thanks Ajax! I loved the look with the red boots. It reminds me of one of my favorite songs from the Weepies. :)

  7. Rachael! This post is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!
    I love your paint so so much!!!
    I want to buy a print of it!!! I'll send you a msg on etsy!
    Have a nice nice nice day! :)

  8. Your weekend sounds great! I'm starting a new job on Monday, so I'm spending my weekend getting things in order. I love your painting! Using fabric in a painting is a great idea!

    And be glad you don't live in Florida, or I would have most likely nicked your boots by now. <3

  9. i love that painting! when people ask me if i'm a dog or cat person, i tell them i'm a bird person!

    your new pics are so cute- your lil red hat and boots are so cheery! make me think of holly berries and crunching on snow.

  10. Aw thanks so much Chiara!! I will send you your print asap!!
    Allison! Congrats on the new job... first days always scare me a bit.. and if I lived in Florida, I would let you borrow them!
    Thanks Bethany!! I am more of a dog person.. when it comes to pets, though I do want a parrot someday!


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