Monday, November 28, 2011

Giveaway With Sentimental Heart Photo!

It's been forever since we've done a giveaway on the blog..
but don't worry...
December is getting booked up fast!
So, let's finish November off with a giveaway too!

This week's giveaway is with Michele from Sentimental Heart Photography! 
Sentimental Heart Photography is a beautiful photography shop full of colorful and almost retro looking photos. I'm loving all the photos, especially with their lovely and creative titles! 

Next Monday, one lucky winner will receive 2 prints! 
Winner will get to choose the pints and the size. (up to 8x12)

So go take a look! I'm certain you will be able to find something perfect.

Here are the rules to win:  
1.) Visit and add Sentimental Heart Photo to your favorites!
Tell me which two you would want to win!

2.) Check out her Blog. 
Follow it if you can! If not, come back here and tell me about your favorite thing on there.
Mine: That beautiful orange peacoat worn by Leah.

3.Check out and add her other shop,
Sentimental Vintage to your favorites.

4.) And make sure you are a follower of my blog!

Leave your email or a way to contact you in one of your comments!
Remember, you need to leave a separate comment for each entry you that you do. 

That's a total of 4 entries per person! 
This will increase your chances, since I will use a random number generator to pick the winner.
  The winner will be announced next Monday!

And here are the winners of last week's giveaway!

The winner will be announced next Monday when I start the next giveaway!


  1. oh so many pretties! :)
    My top two favorite prints - Sugar Never Tasted So Good and the If Brush.
    The Miss Me Ferris comes in at a close third..

    Carol at


  2. 1 done :)

    I really like The White WInter Hymnal Tree & The Heartbeats Hands.

  3. 4 done, been a follower of yours for a long while now :)

  4. And 3 also done. Lovely things!

  5. Tada, 2 finished as well...though I couldn't follow.

    I loved Leah w/ the horse, any child w/ a horse melts me! Then the guy looking in the mirror with the It clown mask; gotta love a good, scary clown!

  6. 1.) I do love 'The Be Our Guest Tea Cups' + 'The 5th Street Bridge Lavender and Lamppost' xx

  7. 2.) Can't follow but the pictures are amazing! I quite like the 'We've got ears, say cheers' with Mickey mouse:') xx

  8. 4. ) followed!

  9. Added as a favorite! I love Le Ciel Dans Une Chambre Tree and The History of Lovers Swing.

  10. Second entry! I couldn't follow but I love the picture of Leah with the horse! So cute!

  11. #4 completed. I've been a follower for some time now! Great giveaway! :)

  12. following you now too on twitter and cool blog!
    i hearted her shop and added the ferris wheel as a favorite, then the pink balloon and lastly yellow bicycle <3

  13. I follow your blog :)

  14. I love the chalk and the banner prints :) they are all gorgeous

  15. I adore the The Us Bubble Gum and The Banana Pancakes Rain Drop prints!! :)

  16. From her blog I loved the Halloween post, now I know that I'm going to be Joan Holloway next year!

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. I follow your blog! :)

  19. I added her as a favorite. I adore the Good in the Kitchen Pyrex Print and the Sugar Never Tasted so Good Print. Love the shop!


  20. I just love sweet baby eleanor on her blog. So cute!


  21. I favorited her vintage shop.


  22. all done. :))
    I like the Halloween shots(I'm a Halloween baby) and Lil Leah in her coat.

    My fave prints
    1) the thread (sweet memories of my mom)
    2) the history of lovers.


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