Monday, October 31, 2011

Winner Winner!

Happy Halloween! 
Halloween is my favorite holiday.. 
Or at least it used to be, I'm trying to make the best of today.
I'm excited I actually get to celebrate this year. 

Today is a busy day for this little blog,
but I wanted to announce the winner of the 
Pumpkin Carving Contest!

It was super hard to judge. 
But the winner(s) have been decided. 

First Place goes to
 My reasons for picking this pumpkin,
I love that the owl is cute, yet still Halloweeny. 
I love that it's done in layers so, there are technically three colors.
It's an owl in a tree! 
It was done and photographed so very well.

Wonderful job Chiara! 
I'll be emailing you shortly about your prize! 

I just had to go with a second place winner.
We all decided on R2D2.
First off, I LOVE Star Wars.
This actually looks like it would be very hard to do, especially the circle inside the square business. 
So, wonderful job Nikki! 
I'll email you shortly about YOUR prize!!

Late last night we received one more entry.
I posted it to the blog, and it was Brad's instant favorite.
He LOVES blue whales, and knows every thing about that.
Kayla's Pumpkin was awarded the "Special Bradley's Honorable Mention"
I'll be emailing you shortly about your prize!!

Thank you all soooo much for entering!

Please stay tuned because I've got a whole knew giveaway to announce (AND another winner)
in just a few minutes, and I think you will love this one! 
This next giveaway is one I wish I could enter!


  1. OH!!!!!!!!!
    I can't believe!!!!!!
    Thank you all so so so so much! Ahahaha!
    I'm dancing with my puppies right now!!!!! :)
    I wish you all a beautifuuuuul Halloween!!!!! <3
    Thank you so much again, and again, and again...
    I'm blushing! <3

  2. oh my gosh oh my gosh!!
    i'm beyond excited that you made a second place for me!!
    greatest halloween ever!!
    thank you thank you!

  3. I couldn't agree more, it's as if Jen and I judged this contest ourselves! ^_^ Congrats to all who won, woo woo! And to those who didn't, you're still a winner 'cause y'all ROCK!

  4. Yayyyy!! I love the owl!!! That was my absolute favorite!

    Congrats to all the winners!! =)


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