Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Carving Contest FINAL entries!

Halloween Greetings! 
Here are the final entries for the Pumpkin Carving Contest! I got SO many this week... I have no idea how we are going to judge all these amazing pumpkins. Every one I see, I think, "Yep, that's MY favorite." SO, we will have a board of judges. Bradley, Me, and my very own family. We will try to look at them all and decide the ultimate winner.. It's going to be hard!

Here are last week's entries, and after that I will show you all the other entries!
 Sara Goshenour's Owl
 Matt's pumpkin
Ron Swanson, From Parks and Recreation
(Definitely a way to MY heart, anything Star Wars.)
Another way to my heart.. DISNEY.
Julie's Nightmare Before Christmas Pumpkins

Dinosaur- Sister's
Ghost-  Jake
Bat-  Tyler
Though Gentri didn't enter, I still thought it was sweet to enter her sister's and friends!!
Katelyn the soon to be mother of 2's pumpkin.

AND two more entries.. (My bad!)
 Nathan Ives
Katy Ives

Don't see your pumpkin? Still want to submit, you can submit any time today and still be entered!!

Kayla's Whale pumpkin!

That's it for the new entries, but check out the previous entries.

Mine and Destinee's Pumpkins, though they are not entered in the contest.
 Eef, or Erin of
Emily Connor and her Sister's pumpkins
 Spencer & Kylie's pumpkins.

Judging this contest is going to be tough! Thanks to all those who entered! 
I'm amazed at the number of entries.. it's been a wonderful month! 

Which pumpkin is your favorite?


  1. amazing post.I loved everything but my favourite is the owl pumpkin!

  2. ok and maybe the hello kitty...i admit it

  3. These are so I wish I had worked harder on mine. I love the ET pumpkin and the one of the couple.

  4. the owl on the tree. hands down. awesome.

  5. You definitely have your work cut out for you! I can't decide!!

  6. they are all so amazing! i can't believe the talent.. my is looking a bit sad lol.. but i had fun carving it and roasting the pumpkin seeds :)..

  7. I hope I didn't submit my entries too late.. I don't see them here!

  8. Fun to look at... but definitely love the owl on the tree also!!

  9. and the Tim Burton ones by Julie were gorgeous!

  10. i love these!!!! anything owl-related steals my heart immediately. and of course star wars too! but so many of these are just so well done and creative!

  11. My favorite is the 8th picture down - the owl. So gorgeous! Than again, I love the moon, stars, owls... So. ;) But these are all so amazing. Fantastic skill to every single person who entered!

  12. Wow, these are some amazing pumpkins. My top 3 are Ron Swanson, R2-D2, and the mustache man one!


  13. Awww! They are all so gorgeous!!! I love the whale so so much and R2-D2 is awesome!!! <3 I love them all :)

  14. wow, who would have thought you could do so much with a pumpkin.


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