Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Week In Pictures

Halloween is always a busy time for me. 
It's starting to get colder, and people are wanting animal hats for Halloween costumes. 
I can't complain... though, I kind of do. 
But I try not to!!
It's just been really busy. 
You should see my room. It's a mess. 

But anyways.. this last week was very busy. 
Aside from constantly making hats, this is what I've been doing.
Shipping lots of orders each day, and doodling on the art print packages.
Sneaking pictures of butterflies.
Day dreaming  of rainbows and tree climbing.
Watching the lively flowers wilt away into their beautiful winter selves.
Crunch the leaves on my driveway.
Watch the leaves fall.
Take barefoot walks.
Day dream again about climbing trees.
I received another beautiful package from North Carolina!
Thank you Brittany!! Those acorns are beautiful!
I ate sushi again.

It's weird, I've always hated sushi, but then Brad took me out to try it.
(For my 5th time..)
And I liked it! 
Now I crave sushi all the time.
But I go through phases. 

Rachael's Sushi Phases
1. I want sushi!
2. I have sushi right in front of me. I realize it's fish, and seaweed. I no longer want sushi.
3. OKAY, I'll eat it...
4. Get this out of my mouth! (I hurry and chew and swallow as fast as possible.)

Then the cycle repeats.
 Does this happen to anyone else?
Also, I can't use chopsticks.
Well, here's to another busy week!
A new sushi place just opened up.


  1. This is a common cycle for new sushi eaters!!! Don't worry it will stop, you'll either decided if you hate sushi all together or you end up realizing you LOVE it! also I went to Happy Sumo and my awesome waiter gave me the kids chopsticks helper thing and it made my life soooo much easier. The next time you are at a sushi restaurant you should ask if they have one!!! I eat sushi lots so I just keep it in my purse all the time to solve all my chopsticks needs!

  2. P.S. If you start with the easy stuff (stuff that has crab, shrimp, fried tempura) and work your way up to the fishy stuff (like salmon, tuna, etc)... It makes it so much easier to eat!!!

  3. Bri! That chopsticks helper is SUCH a good idea! And.. yes, I've been eating the crab and shrimp ones. My favorite is the Vegas Roll.. though, I think it's made with flour, cause I get a bit sick after I eat it.

  4. I love your hair color!! So pretty!
    And I love all the different colored leaves!! So dreamy! You package your creations so beautifully!

  5. Congrats on all the sales!

    I want sushi now, I love it! My kids have been eating sushi since they were tiny, even octopus! I bet you just need a little more practice..have you tried a dynamite roll, my favorite? It is usually spicy tuna with this yummy sauce all rolled up.

  6. Thanks so much Megan!!
    Ajax! I want to try that one!!! That sounds sooo good!

  7. I learned to eat with chopsticks by placing a wad of paper between the two near the top, then placing a rubber band around them. Get some spring action going on! Once you figure out how to hold them, then you are a pro! And way to go on trying sushi. I once dated a guy and thats ALL we ever ate and I hated it! Blech!

  8. You don't like sushi Brooke? They just opened a new place in Provo.. I'm totally going tonight!

  9. Barefoot walks and tree climbing are the best.
    I love sushi but I mainly eat the rolls(avocado,crab,creamcheese,veggies) so I dont eat much of the actual "raw fish" ones so to speak.


  10. I think your picture of the wilting flowers is amazing! (in fact all of your pictures are.)
    As for chopsticks: I just learned how to use them to tie up my hair this weekend ;-)

  11. And THAT is why I always get the chicken sushi... I don't eat fish haha. Sushi is amazing. I go thru phases too, where I want sushi everyday, but then suddenly I'm sick of it and can't stand the sight of it haha.

  12. PS don't feel bad, I lived in Malaysia for THREE WHOLE YEARS and I STILL don't know how to use chopsticks.

  13. Haha I'm glad I'm not the only one Hannah! And Malaysia! How fun!! You've lived in some spectacular places!

  14. I constantly crave sushi, yet I can't stand even one bite. :/ It's SO weird!!! Luckily I don't crave tuna, etc. *gag*

    What a pretty package you got!!! A package full of Autumn whimsy. <3

  15. The very first time I had sushi I thought I had to throwing up. I was totally disgusted...
    I was with two friends of mine and they were pretty happy about it... they had extra sushi in their dishes!
    With sushi, was not love at first sight...
    Then, three or four years ago, I tried sushi another time... since that day sushi has entered complitely in my diet... I learned how to do it... My best friend is studing Japanese and he knows a lot of yummy recipes...
    Maybe one day I'll make a tutorial on my blog :)

    By the way, I love to take bare foot walks too...

  16. Angie! That is weird.. I enjoy it AFTER I eat it.. but not during. haha
    Chiara, That's how it was for me! It took a few years for me to be brave enough to try it again. You should do a tutorial!!

  17. Love the acorns and Autumn pictures...sure gets me in the mood for this wonderful season! Glad you shared your blog on Etsy for me to find! :)

  18. Michelle! I'm so glad you are here!! xoxo

  19. haha! i've never eaten fish my entire life. your sushi cycle sounds exactly like my recent shrimp cycle!

  20. p.s. gorgeous pics, as always. i miss acorns!

  21. You're gonna think I'm stalking you now, going on ancient posts and reading your FAQ, but I'm bad at keeping my mouth shut ;) Anyhue: Soy sauce has a ton of wheat in it. Kikkoman does anyway, second ingredient after water. Could that be what was making you sick?

    p.s. Sushi rocks my world and I seriously have close-my-eyes-to-savor-the-awesomeness moments :D


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