Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Frightmares is a yearly occurrence in Utah. Our one theme park, Lagoon, is turned into a magical land of Halloween. Fake spiderwebs are strewn about. Silly tombstones and carved pumpkins can be found everywhere. Best yet, as soon as it starts getting dark, zombies and other ghouls walk about the park trying to scare you.
We went last Sunday. We rode lots of rides and roller coasters, and once it got dark we went through lots of spook houses. I of course took lots of photos thinking the whole time, I want to show this on my blog! I want all my friends in other states to see this! I guess I'm quite nerdy like that.

One of the scariest ride you can go on while holding a camera.
Not to mention while having pink hair..
Brad and his brother went on this ride, and soon regretted it.
This roller coaster is made of wood, and has been around for over 100 years.
I look calm there, but soon after I was screaming.
A lot.
You try getting a good focused picture while two zombies are walking at you!

The thing that scared me the most? The ski lift that takes you from one side of the park to the other. Talk about scary.


  1. Looks like fun! The zombie pictures remind me of the Zombie Walk we have here in Asheville annually. Hundreds of zombies everywhere!

  2. You manged to make lagoon look sorta pretty. haha. Love these photos. amazing!

    I am soo glad I'm not the only that is scared of the ski lift thing either. Holy crap, I hate. My husband likes to rock it and honestly think im gonna fall out. Not fun!

    Love your blog!

  3. Ah! I've never been to frightmares because i've heard it's REALLY Scary and I'm a baby. Was it that bad? I'm sure if I had a boy I wouldn't mind going. haha! These pictures are seriously AMAZING! LOVE them all!

  4. Ariel!! We have a yearly zombie walk too! I had no idea Asheville had one too!!
    Thanks Aryka! My boyfriend is scared of it too.. I was actually the one rocking and bouncing it. He was soooo mad.
    Gentri- It wasn't that scary!! I LOVE scary things though.. through the spookhouses, I kind of ignored all the scary people cause I was more fixated on the cool decorations. :)

  5. Oh my! This thing that goes higher and higher and then falls down! I think I had almost a heart attack the first time I went on it (and it was the last time :D )!
    This theme park looks so funny! Expecially the old wooden roller coaster!

    Here are opened only during the late spring and summertime, while the best season I think is autumn! Maybe not that good for the aquatic attractions...
    Your pictures are showing how gorgeous it can be during fall!!

    The thing that's scaring me most is the earthquake... then, I'm fascinated by the thunderstorms but in the meantime I'm so scared by them!!! I always fighting between seeing or close the curtains!
    And the nightmares are frightening me so much!
    Sometimes I think I never left childhood!!!
    Have a bright day :)

  6. Chiara! Thanks so much! :) Earthquakes scare me too. I've ALWAYS been afraid of them!!

  7. Lagoon is very similar to a small theme park we have here near Pittsburgh called Kennywood. It has 3 wooden coasters and they also have a Halloween festival but ours is called "Fright Nights" lol.

    Very cool!
    I love all of your pictures!! You definitely have an eye for photography. I love photography but I tend to get a little overexcited and just "point and click" at everything. LOL

  8. Oh my, that would be so scary! We have haunted houses around here where people do that but I can't handle anyone chasing me or jumping out. I startle easy lol
    Glad you had fun! :)


  9. I've never been to frightmares, but I need too. With all the zombies running around it remindes me of Zombiland!

  10. Brooke! You totally need to go! Friday is their last day open!!
    Arielle, I don't really like it either.. I have personal space issues, so I don't like ANYONE in my bubble that isn't allowed... but I still do it!
    Thanks so much Julie! Most of my pictures are point and clicks to.. I end up taking about 500 pictures, and just pick the best!

  11. The lift always scares me too! Especially when someone makes it bounce. I always feel like it's going to fall off.

  12. you are fabulously nerdy. i love all of these pics.


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