Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spare Time

Random photos of my current home town.. 
They've been collectiong my computer for a while now, 
and I feel they make up a good representation of what I do in my spare time. 

When I get spare time that is... 

I hang out with my silly puppies.
See my handsome and talented boyfriend.
Look at trees.
More antique stores.
These dolls scream my name it seems..
Sneak into cemeteries to see the lights of the city.
Realize that I'm not the only one who thinks this.


  1. YES YES YES! Road work IS freakin' everywhere. I'm pretty sure construction is a season here in Utah. ;)

    And oh my gosh, the dolls are gorgeous. ♥.♥ I also love the Raggedy Ann doll!!!

  2. Awww Wicket is an Ewok! That's adorable :)

  3. It's funny to see that the whole world is a village...
    Here is the same... Road work around every corner...
    I love secondhand shop so much!
    Your Puppies are so cute!
    What would the world be without Puppies?!

  4. If you love cemeteries and trees, you should check out this picture from my local cemetery.

    My grandmother had that exact same doll on the far right. She also had one in a pink dress and another in a blue dress with peacock feathers. I loved them so much when I was little.

  5. haha I love the roadwork sign. I love cemeteries too. I've never seen them as a sad place. Yes, I find funerals sad but I've always enjoyed reading the tombstones and seeing how old they are or trying to guess things about their lives. I'd even pick the fake flowers up that had been blown around by the wind and put them on graves with no flowers.


  6. Its "orange barrel season" as Bryant likes to say!

  7. Thank you for an idea! I live in Toronto on the main street that runs through the city with lights everywhere. I'm always disappointed when it is clear out & I can't see the stars. I will have to do as you do & sneak into the cemetery at night for darkness.
    We do have beautiful cemeteries here in the city.
    I'll let you know how it goes!

  8. Haha the last pick is the best ☺

  9. Thanks for all your comments! It totally is orange barrel season. We've had roadwork in front of our house for nearly 4 months now! It's crazy..
    Arielle, I'm the same way!!


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