Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Earth Treasures

Remember when I mentioned I had a favor to ask from my readers in North Carolina? Well, I was wanting a few people to send me some lovely things from North Carolina. I was hoping for leaves, moss, acorns and stones.
I miss North Carolina. I know it sounds silly, I could go on and on about North Carolina all day. Brad kind of makes fun of me for it, but you know? When you find somewhere where you feel more home then ever.. you kind of long for it once you leave.
Mowgli and I used to go on daily walks. 
I would gather and collect little pieces of North Carolina.
Then I moved. 
Probably 6 times.

My little collection had been lost, scattered and broken.
I have a few little acorns left, but I decided I wanted to start over.
Until I move back. 

So, the lovely Kaye from North Carolina  sent me my first 
Earth Treasures Package.

I was beyond excited.
In my package included, 
acorns, leaves, rocks, moss, and beautiful acorn earrings!
Thank you thank you thank you Kaye!!


  1. Oh that is so sweet of her! I'm so glad you received a little piece of "home"

  2. How sweet! I love those earrings. They remind me of pumpkin swirl chocolate kisses or whatever they are. Yummy.

  3. Glad you like the earrings McKella, I can make you some (among other things) if you like, and Rachel you look great in them! If you want any other favors let me know! Really enjoyed gathering everything for you and making those earrings. :D

  4. What lovely gifts!! I was raking leaves in my backyard today & thinking of you Rachael. <3

  5. Thats an amazing idea!! I was just about to ask you where you found acorns!!! I love them:)

  6. How cool! Those pics are amazing! Do you have any photography tips you have posted anywhere? I would love to see them!

    You are rockin' those earrings too!!

    Much love,

  7. *-* Soooo nice!
    These earrings are so fanciful! <3
    I love them and they are perfect on you! :)

  8. Amazingly beautiful pictures, especially those autumn leaves-wow, wow, wow!


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