Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Carving Contest Entries Round 2

This week, I carved my own pumpkin!
I of course carved a tree.

Destinee carved an adorable Hello Kitty.
Brad carved a terrifying, monstrous pumpkin.. who was also throwing up. 
(His excuse to not take out the guts..)

And now, I want to share some entries for the Pumpkin Carving Contest!

Remember you have until the 30th to send me your photos! 


  1. I love your tree! Actually they are all good but your tree was phenom. :)

  2. I posted Grant's ET pumpkin on Pinterest cause I thought it was so cool. Hope that's ok :)

  3. Ahahahahah! I love the one thise one who is throwing up! It is so funny!
    And I love this one with E.T. too... E.T. is sooo sweet and I love the pattern of the leaves in the very first one!
    It's a pity that here Halloween it's not a traditional celebration. We celebrate this day too, but in an other way...
    Since few years it's a trend to organize Halloween parties... but it's not the same thing (and moreover without the pumpkins!!!!!)
    I always loved it... I always felt this celebration very close to beliefs!
    This week I'll carve my own pumpkin... I can't wait :)
    I like this post! Well done :)

  4. The E.T. one is amazing! The Frankenstein one is seriously cool. I need to carve a pumpkin soon before I miss my chance!


  5. Holy Cow!! That E.T. is amazing!! The tree you made is adorable too =)

    This year the hubby and I carved Jack and Sally (from Nightmare Before Christmas) pumpkins.

  6. Thanks Julie! I have you as officially entered!

  7. E.T creeps me out more than anything else. that is by far the creepest pumpkin carving i have ever seen.. but talented nonetheless

  8. aaahhh! i have yet to carve a pumpkin! i'll probably end up doing it after halloween, lol. i love your tree, the leaves remind me of coffee beans!


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