Monday, October 24, 2011

Dirty Rascals

Wicket is getting really good at coming when he is called. 
It's been a long process for him to learn such a trick.. 
but he can do it well now. 

Charlie has always been good at coming. 
Even when I call Wicket, 
or Shirley.. or anything else. 

But, there are times when the doggies won't come at all. 

I'll be standing on the porch calling, "Charlieeee!! Wiiiicket!" and no one will come. So, I go outside barefoot and walk through a bit of mud to see what they are up to.

Most often their faces look like this.

Then I say, "Get in the house you filthy creatures!"
I call them my stinkies, my filthies, my monsters and my babies. 
Then I clean their noses.


  1. My dog Chi Chi(I didn't name her or she'd have a cooler name :p) comes to any name because she has a few from me: Bacheeby, Cheebster, Cha-boo, Chee-bo, Cheech, Cheeba, Cheech-a-roni, Cha Cha, and Fat Babe :)


  2. My puppies are doing the same thing when I brought them in the woods... The last time they were so dirty and so sticky that I had to bathe them twice...
    But they were so happy!
    Your babies are so sweet and cute!!! They have both a very clever eye! :)
    Sweet little rascals...

  3. haha dirty little children. so cute.


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