Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Birthday To Mowgli

Dear Mowgli,

    Today you would have been 3 years old. I would have dressed you up in your skeleton costume, and taken you on a long W-A-L-K. I would have gone to the pet store with you, and I would have let you pick out your favorite toy. Just like last year. I wouldn't be mad if you peed on the floor like last year either, I figured you were just really excited, and you knew.. puppies can't get in trouble on their birthdays.  I would have made us both pizza for dinner. You would have sat up by my shoulder, keeping your mouth close to mine, just in case I forgot where my mouth was and accidentally put pizza in your mouth. 
Remember when I made you that cake? For your first birthday? It was a two layer dog food cake, with treats, peanut butter and cheese. Little dog bones were set up around the cake like frosting. It was very cute, but you didn't know what to do with it.

Remember when I took this picture? 
It was one year ago exactly. To this very day.
I bought this costume for you, years before you were even born.
I bought it knowing I would put it on my little baby dog one day.
You really didn't like it. You put your little fuzzy butt up in the air in distaste.
But we had a deal, you just had to wear it one day out of the year. 
Now it's in a box under my bed with your other clothes and some of your toys.
Except your Coon.
He snuggles with me on the nights where I miss you most.
Like last night.
I cried very hard last night. 
Very hard, I might have woken up the neighbors. 

I'm just a little irritated with you... you see, when you died, you took out 4 real big holidays.
You were born on Halloween.
You were given to me on Christmas.
You fell down the stairs on Valentines day. 
(This could have been a leading cause to your back problems)
And you passed away the day before St. Patrick's day.

You always were my "Holiday Doggie."
I said this before I knew you would pass away with two more holidays.
It's taken a long time to stop thinking about the pain and sadness you were in before you died.
It's a hard process to focus on the good and happy memories.
But I'm doing my best.

I really think you would get along so well with Charlie and Wicket. 
They are silly, crazy rascals, just like you.
You would have taught them some things, like how to chew on my underwear, 
and they would have taught you something, like how to dig big holes, and track in mud.
I think I'll take them on a Halloween-Costume-Mowgli's-Birthday Walk in your honor.
Happy Birthday Mister Mowgli.
I miss you, and I love you so very much.

Until we meet again..
Your best pal,


  1. You'r Mowgli posts always make me cry. I have a chihuahua too and she's 6 and she's my best friend.

  2. Oh, they make me cry too! I've already cried all my make up off today. :) Mowgli was my best friend too. I hope you never ever loose your bff!

  3. You don't know how your post make me cry... Maybe a little bit because I know that feeling. A little bit because your words are so full of love. A little bit because this feeling is reminding me my Lumpy...She's gone since 2 years and half and there's no day without thinking of her...
    I adopted a very old Pup, my little Piccolino... He's pretty sick and he lived a very very bad life and I know soon he will take his journey... When I see my young rascal Chopper running wild I explode with joy... But after few seconds, when I see Piccolino walking slowly, with his big too-expressive eyes, it's impossibile not to think about what the very next future will bring...
    In the world there are only 1 Mowgli and only 1 Lumpy, and one Sergio (my cat... he was very young when he passed away) and for all those who have lost a friend, that friend ... he remains the only one.
    What we can keep like a treasure, are the memories. It's hard to hold on... Sometimes I think there is too much suffering and it seems impossibile to hold back the tears. But tomorrow we will have new friends... a new friend named Charlie or Wicket, or Piccolo, or Dobby or Chopper... and those precious friends are helping us to look forward everyday... They give us the power to hold back the tears and they are helping us to preserve the best memories of our little friends that are gone... They know they can't replace them... but they did not ever get angry with us. And they will be unique too.
    A big big big hug Rachael...
    Happy Birthday Mowgli! :)

  4. I am crying as I type sad...and so sorry! He was such a good pup!! Hugs xxx

  5. Mowgli would have wanted you to have a very happy Halloween Keeping you in my thoughts today!

  6. I also have tears. :( Sweet Mowgli! You are so loved! I bet you're having a fabulous Halloween birthday party in pup heaven. <3

  7. Aw, thanks for all the sweet comments. Even these make me cray a bit, :)

  8. I took a moment to cry along with you and mourn you sweet Mowgli. I have five doggies and my eldest is not doing so well, he is now fully blind and not always doing well with his insulin because he is diabetic. I am making the holidays very special with him this year because they may very well be his last. I know how your heart feels, and how you miss your little man who passed away far too young. I send you all of our love this halloween in hopes it helps the day pass by a little bit brighter. Hearts, Janna Lynn, --->the rest are doggies---> Othello, Puppup, Tidbit, Ding Dings, and Maybelline.

  9. I knew I should have waited to read this until I got home, seeing it was for Mowgli. So here I am, sobbing away in my

    My heart goes out to you. I'm so happy that you have Charlie and Wicket there to give you pup love. I don't know what I would do without my doggies and it makes me ache to even think about it.

    On our walk with our babies tonight, we will take them on a Halloween-Costume-Mowgli's-Birthday Walk too. Happy Birthday to your Mister Mowgli!! Good night!

  10. Awwww, lovely girl. This is such a sweet post and trust me, I totally, 100% know how hard this type of thing is. Our big kitty, who was our baby, passed away in early 2009. I also know human wise, as my mother passed away only a month after my wife and I got married. So she passed away in October. It's so hard, but you have the love and the memories and that is what counts the most. He was so well loved by you, you can easily tell that, he had a GREAT LIFE and I know he's still with you, he isn't gone.

    Blessed Be from your local Utah Wiccan and may Mowgli rest, relax and play in the Summerland and watch over you. Love to you all.

  11. What a sweet post for lovely Mowgli. They touch our heart in ways that last forever. My PBGV Max, the 1st dog I had on my own after I moved out from my parents house, has been gone for almost 10 years. To this day I cry when I think about him. Only now, the tears end with a smile cause I can remember the good times. I have Crockett the Pug now and I love him too and he fills a different part of my heart.
    Wicket and Charlie are as lucky to have you as you are to have them.
    Take care.

  12. =,( This made me cry like a baby. I am so very sorry for your loss. I first started following you when Mowgli was going through his troubles. It is very hard to lose parts of your furry family. :hugs: I know its hard, but try to focus on the good times. It's okay to cry about it sometimes too =)

    Happy Birthday little Mowgli!! You were one very lucky puppy to have a mommy like her.

  13. I'm fairly new to your blog.. but just had to say that this post really hit home as I now have tears in my eyes. I know how you feel and have gone through a similar situation. Mowgli sounded like an awesome creature and Im so sorry for your loss.


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